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Top Gun: Maverick and Glass Onion bagged nominations for this year’s Oscars – but one category has left fans of both movies feeling a bit confused.
The nominations for the 95th Academy Awards have finally been announced. Everything Everywhere All at Once is the leader of the pack with 11 nominations, followed by Netflix’s war epic All Quiet on The Western Front with nine nods.
Top Gun: Maverick, the second-highest-grossing movie of 2022 behind Avatar: The Way of Water, bagged six nominations, including one for Best Picture.
However, along with Netflix’s Knives Out sequel Glass Onion, some people are baffled as to why they’ve been nominated in one particular category.
Top Gun: Maverick and Glass Onion have both been adapted for Best Adapted Screenplay. This is because they’re sequels, and sequels are automatically considered adapted screenplays as they stem from past works. In Top Gun: Maverick’s case, its source material is Top Gun, while Glass Onion’s is Knives Out.
It’s a silly rule, given Best Adapted Screenplay is usually reserved for works based on books and plays, or at a push, remakes of classic or foreign movies. Also, it’s clearly confused quite a few people reading the nominations at home.
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Top Gun: Maverick adapted screenplay nom is great for me because 1. I love to tell people that all sequels are automatically considered adapted screenplay2. that’s a nomination for structure babyyy
“How did Top Gun: Maverick get in for Adapted Screenplay? Where is the adaptation from?” one user asked. “I’m hoping #FilmTwitter can confirm, but why are Glass Onion & Top Gun: Maverick in the Adapted Screenplay category? Is it because they’re sequels?” another wrote.
#Oscars2023 nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay:Women TalkingTop Gun MaverickLiving Glass Onion A Knives Out MysteryAll Quiet On The Western FrontSee the full nominees list:
“What exactly were Top Gun: Maverick and Glass Onion adapted from? Is it just because they’re sequels?” a third tweeted.
“Question about Oscar nominations: How are Top Gun Mavericks and Glass Onion adapted screenplays? What are they adapted from? Is it just that all sequels are considered adapted?” a fourth wrote.
For the full list of nominations for the 2023 Oscars, click here.
The 95th Academy Awards then take place on March 12, 2023. You can find out how to watch the ceremony here.


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