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It is official – Scotland has the UK’s biggest horror fans, a new national survey by Showcase Cinema’s has revealed.
Nearly one in five (18%) Scottish people named scary movies as their favourite thing about Halloween, which was higher than any other region or nation.
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Of the survery, Mark Barlow, the UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas, said: “Horror movies continue to be extremely popular with our guests throughout the whole year, not just at Halloween, delivering so many iconic characters and moments.
Showcase Cinemas has been screening a selection of classic horror films on the big screen as part of their Spooky Season line up, and he added: “Our survey also revealed that scary movies are the UK’s favourite thing about Halloween, which is why we are screening some classic Halloween films in the lead up to the day itself, so our guests can enjoy spooky scenes on the big screen.”
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Despite being almost 40-years-old, nearly 12% of Scots said The Exorcist was the scariest movie of all time – and it is hard to disagree. A classic.
The real life story of Fred and Lorraine Warren was brought to life by Blumhouse and was almost instantly planted in the mind of horror fanatics. The Conjuring took 10% of the vote.
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Alfred Hitchcock and his masterpiece Psycho are a staple of horror, with the 1960 classic still scaring Scots over 60 years after it was released. This took 10% of the vote.
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A horror that truly broke the mainstream, with its twisted tale of Hannibal the cannibal. An Oscar winner, Silence Of The Lambs was voted by 9% of Scots as the scariest film ever made.
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