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‘Keep Breathing’ has taken the #1 position on Netflix’s Top 10 charts from the dominant ‘Virgin … [+] River.’
Here are the top ten movies and TV shows on Netflix NFLX in the United States for August 1, 2022. Each day, I will update this list and observe the trends that change from day to day, week to week.

In a shocking turn of events, Purple Hearts has held onto the #1 position. This low-budget romance about a singer-songwriter and a soldier who fall in love has beat out The Gray Man for the second day in a row. Such a David vs. Goliath level defeat makes you wonder if it’s worth spending $200 million on a movie—the highest budget ever for a Netflix film. In total, Purple Hearts has spent three days on the charts.
Meanwhile, The Gray Man’s Top 10 streak has stretched to ten days, with the first eight days being spent in the #1 spot. Netflix was likely hoping for a longer run for such a high-budget venture—especially considering expensive movies like Red Notice and The Mitchells vs. The Machines performed much better—but there’s still time for The Gray Man to make up for lost ground.
The biggest streak on the Top 10 still remains with today’s third-place movie Sing 2, which has now been on the charts for 40 consecutive days. Sing 2 has fallen outside the top three positions only four time during that stretch. This is the longest streak we’ve seen on the Top 10 so far this year.
Not far behind, however, is The Man from Toronto, which has now ranked for 38 straight days. The next-longest streaks belong to The Sea Beast (24 days), 12 Strong (22 days), and Persuasion (17 days).
Two other films have spent five days on the charts this week: Recurrence (#4 today) and Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl (#7 today). The only remaining film is The Wretched, which made its Top 10 debut today.

Much like the movies charts, there was a huge upset on Netflix’s Top 10 list for shows. Virgin River, a show that has a history of absolutely dominating the daily charts, has surrendered its #1 position to Keep Breathing for the second straight day. Keep Breathing spent two days in the second-place spot before taking over the premier position.
Last year, Virgin River had absolutely no trouble dominating the Top 10 list, as the show held onto the #1 spot for 17 total times during an 18-day stretch. And between Seasons 2 and 3—the only two seasons that have been eligible for the Top 10—Virgin River has captured the top position 24 times. In total to this day, the show has spent 89 days on the charts.
Stranger Things by far has the longest Top 10 streak of any show, stretching its current run to 71 consecutive days. Slowly but surely, that streak has neared the record that was set by Squid Game and The Queen’s Gambit at 79 days. During that 71-day run, Stranger Things has spent 47 days in the #1 position.
Past that, the next-longest streaks belong to Alone (28 days), Resident Evil (18 days), and All-American: Homecoming (18 days). Outside of those shows, the Top 10 list hosts several newcomers, from Uncoupled to The Most Hated Man on the Internet to Car Master: Rust to Riches.


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