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Thrills this year come in the form of dinosaurs, plane crashes, and *checks notes* cocaine bears.
If you’re ready to be thrilled, look no further. There are plenty of

thrillers being released in 2023 that will keep viewers on the edges of their seats. This year we’ve got everything from dinosaurs to super secret spies to cocaine bears. (Yep, that last one is exactly what it sounds like. Don’t think too hard about it.)
There are a number of original thrillers coming out this year. Twist king M. Night Shyamalan is back with Knock at the Cabin, a movie in which Ron Weasley threatens a family with a warning about the apocalypse (well, you know, essentially). There’s also 65, which shows us what happens when a man from the future ends up back on Earth… but the Earth that existed 65 million years ago. (What happens is dinosaurs. Lots of them.) Or, you can check out Heart of Stone, in which Gal Gadot plays a spy with all of the explosions and chase scenes that come with the territory.
And, if you’ve been looking forward to a sequel of a past thriller you enjoyed, you may be in luck. The fourth John Wick movie is being released—more Keanu!—as well as the sequel to the 2020 Netflix hit Extraction—more Chris Hemsworth! The unique 2018 film Searching—that one where everything took place through computer and phone screens—is also getting a follow-up with the same format, but a brand new story, starring Storm Reid and Nia Long.
Read on to find out which 2023 thrillers are for you, watch all of their trailers, and find out when and where you can check these brand new films out.
In theaters January 13
Thriller fans can kick off the year with Plane, which stars Gerard Butler and Mike Colter. The movie is about a pilot (Butler), who makes an emergency landing of an airplane only for the passengers to be taken hostage and held for ransom by terrorists. And those two major problems aren’t the only issues: The pilot also has to work together with a prisoner (Colter), who has been charged with murder and is being transported on the plane.

In theaters January 20
The 2018 movie Searching gave audiences something they’d never seen before as the entire movie took place on computer and phone screens. The new followup, Missing, tells a new story in the same way. This time, a teenage girl (Storm Reid) is trying to locate her mother (Nia Long), who went missing during a trip to Colombia, but she soon learns her mom isn’t who she thought.
In theaters February 3
The latest from director M. Night Shyamalan is adapted from the 2018 book The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul G. Tremblay. It’s about a couple who are vacationing in a cabin with their young daughter when four mysterious people appear and present them with an impossible choice involving the apocalypse.
In theaters February 24

Cocaine Bear is a dark comedy and a thriller, and it’s about exactly what the title says. Inspired by a true story (yep, really), the film from director Elizabeth Banks is about a bear who, in 1985, eats a bunch of cocaine and goes on a killing spree. (The real bear only did the eating a bunch of cocaine part.)
In theaters March 17

Sci-fi thriller 65 stars Adam Driver as a spaceship pilot from the future, who crash lands on an unknown planet only to find out that it’s Earth 65 million years ago. You know what that means: dinosaurs. The pilot then has to find a way to escape along with a young girl (Ariana Greenblatt), who is the only other surviving passengers he finds.
In theaters March 24

Keanu Reeves returns as John Wick for the fourth movie in the franchise. The hitman faces off against the international crime lords of the High Table once again. Co-stars include Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, and Laurence Fishburne.
On Netflix. Date TBD

It might have seemed like Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) died at the end of the first Extraction movie, but that’s—clearly—not the case. The Australian special forces member turned black ops mercenary is back for more action and a brand new mission in the Netflix sequel.

On Netflix. Date TBD
Gal Gadot stars in the action thriller Heart of Stone as CIA agent Rachel Stone (get it? Heart of Stone?). Expect car chases, explosions, and stunts on stunts on stunts. Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt co-star.

Release date TBD

Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver star in Master Gardener about a horticulturalist, who works on a wealthy woman’s estate. When the woman insists that he hire her niece (Quintessa Swindell) as an apprentice, dark secrets from his past come to light.

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