The Best New Movies And Shows On Netflix Today: August 4, 2022 – Forbes

‘Wedding Season’ makes its Netflix debut on August 4, 2022.
This week marks a fruitful one for Netflix NFLX , as dozens of new movies and TV shows will be added to the streaming service’s digital library. And today is no exception, as there are four new options available for subscribers.
Let’s go through each of the new options available. In addition to that, at the bottom of the article you can find a full list of every new movie and show coming to Netflix this week.
If you’d like some recommendations about the best movies and shows to watch on Netflix this week, check out my list here.
Pressured by their parents to find spouses, Asha and Ravi pretend to date during a summer of weddings, only to find themselves falling for each other.
‘Lady Tamara’ premieres on Netflix on August 4, 2022.
The glamorous life of socialite Tamara Falcó takes center stage in this reality series as she balances work, play, and her famous family.
Determined to climb up the social ladder, Mary Saotome invests everything she has into what her elite high school values most: high stakes gambling.
Two squabbling robot brothers experience growing pains while battling bloodthirsty monsters, supernatural disasters and mundane personal issues.


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