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The documentary ‘Inside the Mind of a Cat’ premieres on Netflix on August 18, 2022.
This week marks a fruitful one for Netflix NFLX , as many new movies and TV shows will be added to the streaming service’s digital library each day. And today is no exception, as there are three new options available for subscribers. If we include what was added yesterday to Netflix, that brings the total to eight.
Let’s go through each of the new movies and shows that were added yesterday and today. In addition to that, at the bottom of the article you can find a full list of every new program coming to Netflix this week.
If you’d like some recommendations about the best movies and shows to watch on Netflix this week, check out my list here. And if you’d like recommendations for all of the other major streaming lists, there’s this list as well.
Cat experts dive into the mind of the feline to reveal the true capabilities of the pouncing pet in this captivating and cuddly documentary.
Mighty teen Adam and his heroic squad of misfits discover the legendary power of Grayskull and their destiny to defend Eternia from sinister Skeletor.
After losing his home to the powerful enemy Ogre, hot-tempered Jin Kazama trains under his zealous grandfather Heihachi Mishima whilst awaiting his chance for revenge in the lead up to the third King of Iron Fist tournament.
On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie’s life diverges into two parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and must navigate motherhood in her Texas hometown, the other in which she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her career.
When clues to his brother’s murder lead Poncho to a fire brigade, he joins it to investigate further and finds romance, family…and a serial killer.
The sixth season of ‘Junior Baking Show’ premieres on Netflix on August 17, 2022.
The best young cooks in Britain, between the ages of nine and 12, take on the esteemed baking competition to put their skills to the test in order to crown the best young baker in Britain.
A partying prince and an ex-tabloid writer begin to develop feelings for each other.
Conned by the same playboy, three women and their families go to his mansion to get answers and must stay for an investigation into his death.


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