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While there aren’t many original movies, take a look at some of the best titles that are coming to Amazon Prime Video in June.
It’s time for Amazon Prime Video's catalog to change once again. This month, you can expect to see one new original movie, My Fake Boyfriend. Starring Dylan Sprouse, Sarah Hyland, and Keiynan Lonsdale, it’s a rom-com that features a group of friends trying to help one of them get over his ex with a new idea about a boyfriend, and then eventually chase after the man of his dreams. However, it seems Prime is turning away from original movies to focus more on original shows, as there are a lot more of those coming out this month, including season three of The Boys.
Outside the new originals coming to the service, the catalog for free movies is changing, with old ones leaving and new ones joining the Freevee platform on Amazon. Though the service may be losing some titles that are free to watch with a prime subscription, you can almost always count on them still being available to rent, if you want to spend the money. And if you do have a Prime Video subscription and are looking for something new to watch, here are some of the best movies you’ll find coming to the streaming platform, all of them on June 1st.
Megamind is an animated superhero comedy from the villain's perspective, where the supervillain is actually the main character. He’s a blue alien that was raised in a prison and therefore never fit in with anyone for both of those reasons. His nemesis, Metro Man, also comes from space, but he fits in more due to his better upbringing and the fact that he does look human. After Megamind finally gains the upper hand and defeats Metro Man, he takes over the city and quickly discovers that he’s bored without anyone to oppose him. Using some of Metro Man’s DNA, he tries to make a new hero to fight against him, but only ends up creating a villain worse than he is.
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If you like movies about sports, you’re sure to enjoy White Men Can’t Jump. The main character, Billy Hoyle, makes a living by gambling with his basketball skills. He convinces others to bet on their game, thinking he can’t play because he’s white. Sidney Deane has lost twice to Billy before he proposes a partnership to help them both win money, to which Billy agrees. Later, he finds he was being swindled by Sidney, who was purposely playing bad so that they would lose to get his revenge. After finding out he was swindled, he and his girlfriend appeal to Sidney and his girlfriend, who agree to give them some money back if Billy and Sidney team up in a two-on-two tournament, thus beginning the foundation of their friendship.
Philadelphia is recognized as one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to address both AIDS and homophobia. Andrew Beckett, a senior associate at the largest law firm in Philadelphia, conceals both his diagnosis of AIDS and his homosexuality from his coworkers. Even though he is struggling with his illness, he still works on the case assigned to him, passing the paperwork off to his assistants with instructions on how to file them properly. When the paperwork somehow goes missing and is filed at the last possible moment, he is let go from the firm. Believing someone deliberately messed with the paperwork to get him fired, he now begins to build up a lawsuit against them, hoping to find an attorney who will represent him even when finding out about his disease.
The dark comedy World’s Greatest Dad follows the story of Lance Clayton, an aspiring author who currently teaches at the school his son goes to. After finding his son has died due to a rather embarrassing accident, Clayton decides to try and preserve his son’s dignity by making it seem like a suicide, writing a note and everything. When the school gets their hands on the note and publishes it in their paper, suddenly everyone is giving it attention, just like Clayton had always wanted from his writing. Ecstatic, he takes it a step further and begins writing and publishing a journal that supposedly belonged to his son, but as the attention grows, he begins to feel guilty for exploiting him like this. One of the later and best Rob Williams' performances make this Bobcat Goldthwait film a depressing masterpiece.
Juno is a movie about a teen pregnancy. The titular character, Juno MacGuff, ends up becoming pregnant by her friend. Immediately, she seeks an abortion, visiting a local clinic, before deciding she was just going to adopt the baby instead. She finds a nearby married couple who are willing to adopt her baby in a closed adoption, and after meeting them a few times, her life grows complicated as she tries to deal with her growing and changing relationships as she carries the baby to term.
Usually zombie movies are thrillers or horrors, but in Shaun of the Dead, the genre has been turned into a comedy. Shaun is having a rough time in his life where most of his relationships aren’t turning out well, including the tension between him and his stepfather and the fact that his girlfriend dumped him. One night, one of his roommates is complaining about a bite he received from a mugging earlier, and the next day, they discover a zombie outbreak has taken over the city, including his one roommate. With his other roommate, Ed, they devise a plan to save Shaun’s parents and girlfriend, trying to find a way to wait out the crisis and, along the way, repairing Shaun’s relationships. This great, funny horror comedy changed the game for the genre and helped launch the careers of Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost.
The animated movie Fantastic Mr. Fox is about the life of a fictional fox. When Mr. Fox and his wife Felicity are caught in a trap while he is trying to steal from a farm, she reveals to him that she is pregnant, and pleads that he will find a safer job. Two years later he has become a newspaper columnist, and moves his family into a better house in a tree despite the warnings about its proximity to three feared farms and farmers. The farms tempt him to try and steal again, bringing problems for his family from all three farmers. Wes Anderson's whimsical style is fleshed out wonderfully in this utterly charming film with an absolutely incredible voice cast.
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The popular romantic drama Call Me By Your Name is about 17-year-old Elio, and the summer his archeologist father invites Oliver, an American grad student in the same field, to live with them and get help on his academic papers. While Elio first believes they have nothing in common and initially doesn’t really spend time with Oliver, the closer it gets to Oliver leaving, the more they seem to hang out, and it turns out they are a lot more compatible than Elio thought, as a romantic relationship begins to develop between them. It's a beautiful, tonally sumptuous picture which is consistently lauded as one of the most romantic LGBTQ+ movies of all time.
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