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Between all the older or recent films and new originals hitting the streaming service, these are some of the best movies coming to Netflix in June.
That old adage of waiting for a bus for ages, and then three coming along at once is certainly more applicable metaphorically than in practice these days, for city-dwellers at least. It’s an expression most feasibly apposite to that of streaming sites’ content, where often Netflix, Prime, and the like will go through substantial barren spells where the films, documentaries, and TV shows will be the same stale suggestions you’ve either watched on countless occasions or flicked straight past.
The film industry’s annual cycle tends to follow the same format each year, with an abundance of film released around summer, and then again in the lead-up to awards season. This is often mirrored in streaming platforms, where an influx of new material will be available before you’re inevitably left with re-watching a TV show you know word-for-word for the millionth time. Unfortunately, like the movies coming to Hulu in June, there is a scarcity of new originals coming to Netflix until July begins, with only a few big original movies coming to the streaming platform in June. Nonetheless, those few titles are very interesting, and there are a wide variety of older movies coming to Netflix as well.
As we head into the Summer months (in the Northern Hemisphere) and production companies begin to crank up releases, here are some of the films old and new due to become welcome additions to the Netflix catalog as of June…
The Polish film, Iluzja (direct translation: Illusion) depicts the tale of a despairing mother whose missing daughter has left her in turmoil. She walks the fine line between a distorted reality and acceptance of her daughter's absence. Through observational developments, she remarkably makes inroads into a miraculous discovery. This new film from Marta Minorowicz is sure to carry the same emotional heft and visually stunning landscapes as her previous film Zud.
Perhaps unfairly labeled a dud-maker, Adam Sandler was gifted a $350 million Netflix endowment to create a further four films for the streaming giant. Having begun his career as a budding comedian, Sandler quickly transferred his talents for entertaining to the silver screen. Especially during recent times, and most prominently with his first stint as a Netflix guinea pig, Sandler has developed a reputation for cheesy humor, cheap laughs, and low-hanging fruit comedy, with his acting ability in these comedies often being disregarded as one-dimensional.
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Yet, despite frequently being discredited, the Happy Gilmore actor has dispelled the inaccurate designation of being a one-trick-pony by turning from funny comedies to dramatic roles. This includes appearances in Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love and more recently, the Safdie Brothers' critically acclaimed Uncut Gems, where he exhibited his unquestionable versatility and profound acting capabilities. Following the vast riches of Uncut Gems, the highly-anticipated Hustle follows the tale of a future NBA star discovered by a luckless and jinxed Philadelphia 76ers scout (Sandler). The film promises to be another great dramatic role from the actor based on everything we know about Hustle.
It was announced in March that Netflix had obtained the distribution rights for Alanna Brown’s Trees of Peace. Inspired by real life events, the screenplay documents the relationship of four women during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, while they are trapped in hiding below the floorboards of a house. All from different backgrounds, the women form blossoming friendships in the face of adversity, violence, and potential death. Trees of Peace scooped three awards at the prestigious American Black Film Festival, including the award for Best Feature.
Christian Bale completely transforms himself as the former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, in Adam McKay's film Vice. The movie explores the life and times of President George W. Bush’s second-in-command, realizing his political aspirations via Washington bureaucracy, before establishing himself as the second most influential man in American and International politics. Director McKay’s back-catalog of dramatic and political satires is awash with quality, with the likes of his films Don’t Look Up, The Big Short, and Anchorman making up just a few of his revered filmography.
Based on Jonathan Lethem’s best-selling novel of the same name, Motherless Brooklyn was directed and starred the immensely accomplished Edward Norton. The film documents the tale of Tourette’s sufferer Lionel Essrog; tasked with the investigation into the murder of his boss Frank (Bruce Willis), he soon uncovers a deeper and darker conspiracy within. Said to be Norton’s passion project, a piece of work he had been meticulously grafting over for the best part of two decades, the gritty, atmospheric modern neo-noir film Motherless Brooklyn serves as a patient, brooding example of Norton's brilliance.
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Freddie Mercury of the band Queen is the definition of the word iconic: his flamboyant and theatrical nature, the white vest, hairy chest, snug black leather pants, the protruding teeth and gums, but most pertinently the astounding musical ability. Aptly, Bohemian Rhapsody takes its name from a Queen song, and arguably their most famous. The screenplay details the meteoric rise and subsequent super-stardom of the British rock band. It explores the life of Mercury, as he struggles with his egocentricity, sexuality, and incurable illness, brought to vivid life by an incredible Rami Malek performance in one of the biggest music biopics of all time.
Joseph Kosinski has a hectic month ahead, with the release of two of his screenplays in the form of Top Gun: Maverick and the Netflix-backed Escape from Spiderhead. The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as an evil, yet forward-thinking, revolutionary, whose visionary approach to transforming the treatment of inmates at the avant-garde correctional facility using emotion-modifying drugs. Kosinski has developed this formidable reputation as a real industry leader in sci-fi and action productions, so big things are expected for Escape from Spiderhead.


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