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If you’re looking for something to watch on your summer holidays, here are the best movies arriving on HBO Max in July.
As summer 2022 heats up, it’s natural to be thinking about what new movies you’ll watch during those too-hot days. If you have HBO Max, you’ll probably be wondering what movies the service will be offering you next, especially with their already diverse collection. The streaming service has quickly become one of the best around; in a Glamour article by Carrie Witmer and Elizabeth Logan, HBO Max is described as “expensive, charming, and unpredictable” and always presenting something unexpected.
HBO Max currently offers binge-worthy series like Hacks and Starstruck, as well as Max Original movies like The Survivorand Kimi. But if you think you have HBO Max in a box, think again. As of July 1st, HBO Max has over 60 new films arriving on the platform. To save you some time, MovieWebhas sought out only the most exciting additions to the service. Here are the best movies coming to HBO Max in July 2022.
You might be skeptical about this beloved show’s transition onto the big screen, but so far The Bob's Burgers Movie has earned promising reviews. The musical comedy-mystery-adventure multi-hyphenate follows the Belcher family when their burger restaurant is threatened by both a large sinkhole in front of their location and the bank threatening to foreclose on them. The kids, Tina, Louise, and Gene, quickly develop a plan to rescue their family business and encounter many challenges along the way. According to Shelbie Brown of CNET, “the film is approachable for newbies, [but] it’s truly a treat for those who have seen all 12 seasons.” The Bob’s Burgers Movie arrives on HBO Max (and Hulu as well) on July 12.
This classic coming-of-age flick is perfect for summer entertainment. What's Eating Gilbert Grape stars Johnny Depp as Gilbert Grape, a young man responsible for the care of his house-bound mother and disabled brother, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Gilbert begins a romance with a young woman passing through town, Becky, and must navigate both love and the health of his family.
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Like many other critics, Roger Ebert praised DiCaprio’s performance saying it was “both convincing and likable” and deserving of the Academy Award for best-supporting actor. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape arrives on HBO Max on July 1st.
Another film that’s perfect for the summer heat, Mad Max: Fury Road takes place in a post-apocalyptic desert and finds a young woman escaping a threatening leader. Fleeing her homeland, Furiosa is determined to find where she came from and uses the help of her fellow prisoners and a rebellious man named Max. The film stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult, and maintains a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Mad Max: Fury Road comes to HBO Max on July 9th.
If you’re looking for comedy, Edgar Wright’s The World’s End is where it’s at. This film stars the beloved actors Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan, and Rosamund Pike, and tells the story of five friends who return to their hometown to embark on a pub crawl they failed as young men. Before reaching the final pub, they realize the community is actually in the middle of an alien invasion and attempt to finish the crawl despite extraterrestrial threats. The World’s End arrives on HBO Max on July 1.
The Impossible is based on the experiences of Maria Belon’s family during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The family of five is separated during the disaster and takes extraordinary efforts to try and find one another. The film stars Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, and Tom Holland. After its release, critics praised J.A. Bayona’s directing and the acting in the project, especially that of Naomi Watts, who is utterly fearless in a deeply moving and incredibly physical performance. The film comes out on HBO Max on July 1.
Gareth Edwards' reboot of this classic monster story has an average score of seventy-six percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Specifically, this modern twist on Godzilla follows a soldier who is stranded in the war zone between Godzilla and two unidentified monsters known as MUTOs. Godzilla is humanity’s weapon in this movie. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Watanabe and delivers the expected action-movie themes. Godzilla is available to stream on HBO Max as of July 16.
Screenwriter Scott B. Smith’s A Simple Plan is a crime thriller film based on his book of the same name. The movie tells the story of two brothers, played by Bill Paxton and a great Billy Bob Thornton, who discovered four million dollars in a crashed plane in back-country Minnesota.
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Accompanied by the brothers’ friend and one of their wives, the group struggles to trust one another with the money and keep their find a secret. The movie remains popular with critics and is considered one of Sam Raimi's best directorial efforts. Another ideal summer movie for some entertainment while you beat the heat, A Simple Plan comes out on HBO Max on July 1.
This brand-new remake of the 1990 cult classic House Party is stirring up some excitement. The original film starred the hip-hop duo Kid 'N Play and was directed by Reginald Hudlin, who produced films like Django and The Black Godfather. The new film is a reimagining of the original story about a high schooler who attends a memorable house party, where dance, hip-hop, and comical adventures take place.
According to an article by Jason Wiese of Cinema Blend, it looks like Kid 'N Play will not return for this modern remake, but the reboot will include a talented cast of actors including Jacob Latimore, Tosin Cole, and Melvin Gregg. Although Reginald Hudlin isn't attached to the project, professional basketball star LeBron James and media personality Maverick Carter are producing the film. The movie is set to be released exclusively on HBO Max on July 28th.
If you’re looking for romance, this 90s flick starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan might be the light love story you need. In this movie, a journalist, played by Meg Ryan, falls for a widowed architect, played by Tom Hanks, simply by hearing his voice on the radio. The situation is complicated by the journalist’s recent engagement to another man. This film is a Hanks classic and one of Nora Ephron's best rom-coms, and is a heartfelt classic. Sleepless In Seattle comes out on HBO Max on July 1.
The new documentary Citizen Ashe follows the story of Arthur Ashe, the Wimbleton tennis champion and civil rights activist. According to a Hollywood Reporter article, Ashe’s U.S. open win in 1968 “occurred against a tumultuous backdrop that included the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., anti-Vietnam protests, and the civil rights movement." In addition, Ashe fought South Africa’s apartheid system and became an AIDS activist after contracting the illness from blood transfusions. Ashe died of AIDS in 1993 but had been an activist for several decades prior. The documentary premieres on HBO Max on July 28.


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