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Despite not many originals, there’s still a lot of good movies coming to HBO Max in August that you don’t want to miss.
HBO Max has a whole new lineup of movies ready to come your way this coming August. From older movies that were filmed in black and white, to movies as new as last year, there are all kinds of films for you to choose from for your usual entertainment. There’s never a dull moment for your movie nights here.
Alongside all these movies, HBO has a few new releases this month premiering on the service, though nothing with a great amount of hype. The documentary The Princess, due to release August 13th, is about the life of Princess Diana and will only use old footage of and related to Diana in order to tell her story. Another documentary releasing this month, Katrina Babies, is about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, especially its impact on the kids. There will be plenty of new material to keep you entertained all month long.
In Wolf, the main characters suffer from clinical zoanthropy, a rare mental illness that leads a person to believe they are actually an animal. Jacob, who believes he is a wolf, attacks his brother and is sent to a mental asylum, where he meets others who also believe they are animals. He forms a close bond with another patient named Cecile, also known as Wildcat. Together, they witness the corrupt and brutal treatments administered by the head of the asylum and try to escape together.
Wolf premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September and was followed by a limited theatrical release, where it received mixed reviews. Even so, most critics seemed pleased with the main character’s performances; George MacKay, Lily-Rose Depp, and Paddy Considine are all excellent here, leading the way in a very interesting if uneven film.
The classic American drama The Notebook is something all romance lovers should watch at least once. It's the story of two star-crossed lovers who almost seemed destined to never be together. Allie and Noah (an iconic Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams pairing) meet at a carnival when they are teens and quickly fall in love. While Noah’s father is quick to love Allie too, her richer parents aren’t as convinced, and eventually they forbid her from seeing him again.
While they spend several years apart, and Allie even gets engaged to another rich man, they never do forget each other. Though the Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation received mixed reviews from critics, audiences loved it, and it quickly became a staple in romance movies that has remained essential to this day.
Based on a novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman, Stardust (not to be confused for the David Bowie biopic of the same name) is a romantic fantasy adventure movie, sure to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. When the King of Stormhold is about to die, he throws a ruby into the sky and proclaims that his successor will be the first of his sons to recover it. However, it knocks a star out of the sky when he does this.
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The main character, Tristan, sees this falling star and intends to retrieve it in order to win his lover’s hand in marriage, but when he meets the star herself, he finds more trouble than he was expecting. The movie received positive reviews from critics and received a nomination for the Saturn Award’s best fantasy film, and won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form.
The Fault in Our Stars is another movie based on a book of the same name, this one written by John Green. This coming of age romance focuses on Hazel, a teenager with thyroid cancer. Her mother urges her to attend a weekly cancer patient support group, where she meets Gus. Gus is currently in remission, but he lost a leg to bone cancer. They bond over their hobbies, and quickly become close friends as they keep seeing each other around. When Gus surprises Hazel with a trip to Amsterdam to see her favorite author and ask him questions she’s dying to know, the pair travel together and quickly realize they’re in love. The movie was nominated for and won several awards at the MTV Movie Awards, Teen’s Choice Awards, and People’s Choice Awards.
Set in Ireland during a time now called The Troubles, Belfast tells the story of a working class Protestant family through the eyes of their nine-year-old son, Buddy. Riots begin near his home when Protestant loyalists begin to attack the Catholics. Buddy’s father is asked to join the riots, but he refuses, and it begins to stir trouble up for them. As tension in the area increases, the family grows more and more desperate to move away, but Buddy is having a hard time coming to terms with this fact.
The movie won Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes, the Outstanding British Film Award at the BAFTAs, and had seven different Oscar nominations. The great Kenneth Branagh, famous for his Shakespeare and Agatha Christie adaptations, directed this very personal film with a bit of whimsy and a lot of heart.
The crime drama A Most Violent Year focuses on business owner Abel Morales, who is having issues with the competitiveness in the oil trade and having to secure costly loans in order to keep his business running. His trucks are being hijacked, and his drivers are being injured before they are dumped, and Morales is suddenly put under pressure to start fighting back. He doesn’t want to because he and his company are already under investigation as the district attorney tries to expose any possible price fixing, tax evasion, or other illegal activities.
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Morales finds a deal to purchase a new fuel oil terminal and begins to gather money to purchase it, but as the crimes against him continue to rise he loses investors, making him become increasingly desperate to be able to stay in business. Critic responses were largely positive, with writer-director J.C. Chandor (All is Lost, Margin Call) receiving a great deal of praise for his cold, stern direction, and the performances from Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain being two of the best from 2014.
Perhaps the most unique movie on this list, Locke only ever shows one person on screen — Ivan Locke (the incomparable Tom Hardy). The movie takes place in his car as he drives from Birmingham to London, and all the other actors are heard as voices over his phone as they call him. Locke is a construction foreman who, the day before a large concrete pour, spends his night driving in order to reach the hospital one of his previous colleagues is in, because she is in labor after she was pregnant from their one-night stand.
The drama unfolds as he keeps getting calls from work and from home, both realizing that he’s not going to do what he was supposed to and leading to some severe consequences. Despite a lack of any major award nominations, the film still received critical acclaim, especially for Tom Hardy’s performance, and has only improved in stature over the years as an extremely original, very tense, and masterfully written drama.
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