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August is halfway over, and the end of summer is in sight. Here are the best things to binge on Netflix this weekend to cool off before school starts.
August 2022 is officially past its halfway point, and with school right around the corner, now is the time to enjoy those last fleeting moments of summer. For those staying inside to escape the heated doldrums provided by summer’s dog days, Netflix has added a fresh wave of television and film programming to keep audiences cool. And CBR is here to help parse out what are the best things to binge this weekend across the multitude of genres that Netflix offers.
Here are all the biggest and best shows and movies to stream on Netflix this weekend, with the streaming service’s original animated series getting a particularly noticeable push this week thanks to some major premieres.
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One of the most beloved fighting game franchises is Tekken, which has steadily been thrilling gamers worldwide since 1994. The fighting game has been adapted into a Netflix original anime series, Tekken: Bloodline, loosely adapting the story from 1996’s Tekken 3. And with its frenetic action sequences and engrossing family drama, audiences are about to experience Tekken like never before.
After losing his home to an evil demon, young martial artist Jin Kazama trains under his cruel grandfather Heihachi Mishima while plotting his revenge. And with a high-profile martial arts tournament bringing in challengers from all over the world, Jin’s quest for vengeance is about to take a fiery turn. Accessible and appealing to both longtime Tekken fans and those unfamiliar with the fighting game series, Tekken: Bloodline reimagines a classic story for a new generation.
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While the revival series Masters of the Universe: Revelation targets a more mature audience and is in the midst of producing a new season, Netflix’s other animated series based on the Hasbro property is back. The younger audience-oriented He-Man and the Masters of the Universe returns for its third season, reimagining the adventures of Prince Adam and his friends. And for more sensitive audiences or fans looking to tide over the wait for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 2, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is perfectly poised to fill the gap.
With Skeletor on the loose and building his army to conquer all of Eternia, King Grayskull scrambles to mount a desperate defense against the warlord. Fortunately, Eldress appears to be on track for a momentous return, tipping the tide against Skeletor as the conflict escalates. With its gorgeous 3D animation style, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is an engaging reinvention of the classic franchise and makes its welcome return to Netflix this week.
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Though the original 1969 Woodstock revolutionized how rock concerts and music festivals would proceed, its 1999 counterpart holds a much more infamous reputation. The notorious rock festival is examined in the new documentary miniseries Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99, exploring how the weekend went completely off the rails. Following different perspectives on the festival, Trainwreck reveals just how disastrous the 1999 rock concert upended the idealistic legacy of Woodstock forever.
Despite its name, the 1999 rock festival was held at a former Air Force base far from the original upstate New York location. With corporate interests, poor festival conditions and an aggressive lineup, Woodstock ‘99 was poised for controversy and failure before it even began. The three-episode miniseries provides a deep dive into where and how often Woodstock ‘99 got it wrong and the horrific consequences of this systematic failure.
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After premiering this past February, the animated video game adaptation The Cuphead Show! is back for its second season this week. Adapting the gorgeously crafted run-and-gun game Cuphead, the show follows siblings Cuphead and Mugman, who create mischief all around the Inkwell Isles. Season 2 brings the action to even wackier antics as the two rambunctious brothers once again cross paths with the Devil himself.
Just like the presentation of the game, The Cuphead Show features an art style evoking classic animation from the ‘30s and ‘40s. From looped backgrounds rotoscoped into the proceedings to its jaunty musical score, The Cuphead Show is a love letter to a foundational era of animation. A joy for fans of the games and newcomers alike, The Cuphead Show doubles down on the fun as it makes its big return.
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With LeBron James joining the Warner Bros. crossover fighting game Multiversus, one can’t help but feel like the game evokes the multimedia jam session promise of last year’s Space Jam: A New Legacy. The 2021 film expanded its scope beyond having the Looney Tunes team up with real-life NBA superstars, albeit with middling returns from audiences and critics alike. But for those looking to see where the crossover all began, the original 1996 Space Jam comes to Netflix this month.
Starring Michael Jordan as himself, the sports comedy has Jordan try his hand at professional baseball rather than continuing his basketball career. After the Looney Tunes are challenged to a high-stakes basketball game to determine who will rule their world, they recruit Jordan to lead their new team. Featuring Jordan at his prime and alongside an all-star cast, the original Space Jam is a clear example of an unlikely crossover done right.
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