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Although the riveting drama series is over, Ozark left viewers with some of the most gripping scenes. Let’s examine a few of the best.
Ozark has finally ended after a protracted hiatus and the last season that included two parts. Although the Bryde household's final scenes weren't entirely joyful, they largely parted on friendly grounds, exceeding what fans had anticipated. It is one of the best Netflix original series, and Ozark immediately proved that it was unique, since it centers evenly on the moral degradation of its two protagonists, Marty and Wendy Byrde, even though it initially started as a show that was very comparable to many previous crime dramas.
Ozark’s final season gave huge surprises to its audience, and fans saw how these two individuals let themselves gradually descend into moral depravity as they desired protection for their family and then authority for their own benefit throughout the length. Even while the entire series received favorable reviews, a few of the episodes stood out for their intense storytelling. So let's explore and rate the top episodes of Ozark from the show's four seasons.
Ruth is put to waterboarding sessions in "Game Day" after federal agent Roy Petty tries to portray her as a spy during a public discussion in front of the cartel's cold-blooded attorney Helen Pierce. Ruth makes it through the event and even wins Helen's respect, with a terrible experience leading to a horrible rehab. The episode demonstrates her tenacity and the costly price of her relationship with Marty. Helen, arguably one of the show's sharpest and most aggressive characters, contributes some powerful work to the segment. It's a bold and occasionally upsetting episode in which bad things are done to each other.
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"BFF" sets up among the most startling and sad scenes while illustrating the decline of two legitimately admirable individuals. Special Operative Maya Miller stands out from the crowd because, in contrast to Evans and Petty, she is committed to doing the proper job and has no intention of compromising. Sadly, she doesn't get the desired results. Ben may have bipolar disorder, but he is aware of the irony of being imprisoned and persecuted for realizing all that is wrong with the world. Although Ben's mental disorder influences how he manages and responds to these unflinching truths, being bipolar is not the same as ethical relativism. Early signs indicate that Ben's situation won't turn out nicely.
The first season's second last episode, in which Jonah grows more driven to safeguard his family at every cost, is replete with significant story twists. Also, Wendy raises the concern that has dogged the enitre season in this segment. "Would we still be together if we weren't stuck?" It also features some disturbing events, such as when Ruth decapitates Russ and Boyd simultaneously to try and rescue Marty. It's a harrowing and occasionally upsetting episode that highlights the Byrdes' profound influence on existence in the place, as well as the lengths some people could go to defend those they love.
The show focuses on family ties, exploring both their unifying and divisive qualities. Wendy makes an effort to separate the aspect of herself that is capable of obliterating the lives of people who would disagree with her as a devoted mother and law-abiding citizen. The Byrdes could almost explain their positions in this nasty, tangled web when handling the Snells, drug traffickers, corrupt politicians, psychopathic FBI operatives, the mafia, and small-time crooks. However, Marty has changed his mind and finds it difficult when his main ally unexpectedly turns into a formidable foe.
The first season's climax complicates the Byrdes' lives while wrapping up several major plot strands. The segment brings together the Snells, the Byrdes, and the gang operatives, tying together numerous plot lines that have played across the season. It's tough to see Marty struggle with the brutal realization that things are just getting worse for him. The episode moves along at a good clip, leaving the audience guessing about how the Byrdes will manage to flee and who won't be able to do so.
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In "Fire Pink", arguably the most tragic episode, Wendy is compelled to decide between the survival of her kids and her brother. Wendy has a natural need to defend those things dear to her, and the misery is when she inevitably fails. The most sincere portrayal is Ben's grief over his deeds and his helplessness to see how to fix things. It's a heartbreaking episode that makes the audience equally feel bad for Wendy and angry at her for all she did.
Laura Linney made her directional debut on the final season of Ozark and did a phenomenal job. After watching "Sanctified", viewers were left with genuinely exciting suspense and waited months to learn what happened next. After beating Marty, the Byrdes persuaded him to take the same arrangement his uncle made with the FBI, making this violent episode maybe the closest the Byrdes would ever get to totally departing the cartel forever.
The plot changed when Javi appeared at Darlene's place and murdered both her and Wyatt. In a terrifying confrontation, Ruth located the Brydes, put them hostage, and threatened to execute everyone if they didn't stop her. Julia Garner won the third Emmy for the final season of Ozark, and delivers some of her finest acting yet.
The fact that Ozark manages to maintain the dramatic tension for multiple episodes ranks it among the top dramas of the decade. The Byrdes manage to avoid dying across the third season, but the finale episode is when everything comes to a halt. Given that it starts with the funeral service of Ben, the episode features some darker moments despite being aggressive and forceful overall. The entire show serves as an example of the Byrdes' progress since their more modest origins.
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