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After taking the award for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes, RRR has also been nominated in the same category at this year’s Academy Awards. This is the first time a truly homegrown Indian movie song has been nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars, but for some fans, it isn’t enough.
The song, “Naatu Naatu” apparently was so infectious it made Academy members “want to put on their dancing shoes” according to Variety, which is no surprise given the global fame this song has received with over 116 million views on YouTube currently. The choreography for the piece is superb, showing off the skill and stamina of stars Rahul Sipligunj and Kaala Bhairava as they outdance the wealthy British colonists at a rather “elite” soiree.
It isn’t just the song that has people crazy for the film, as it has become one of the biggest global blockbusters and most talked-about offerings of 2022. Many feel that this film had so much more to offer than just the fantastic song though, and was hoping that it could have even been nominated for Best Picture, feeling that it was snubbed in this category. The film had been put forward for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay amongst others, and of course Best Original Song, the only category it has actually found itself nominated for.
Prior to the nominations being announced many were manifesting that the film would find itself in that category.
Let’s make this happen!

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Best Picture
🕯️ Nomination 🕯️

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Some had it down for a lot more categories, and given that it is cinematically stunning it is a shame it wasn’t nominated for Best Cinematography.
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Music
Best Actor NTR Ramcharan Anyone ❤️🔥#Oscarnoms #OscarNominations2023
Of course, this didn’t happen, with RRR only earning itself the one nomination, leaving them feeling like the Academy did them dirty.
‘RRR’ not getting its Best Picture nom. #OscarNoms
This user believes that without RRR being there all the other nominations become moot.
All of the Best Picture nominations are equally invalid for not being RRR
Some blame the Indian Oscar Selection Committee.
We had a clear International Picture winner this year. One that had such a winning chance that it probably just about missed out on a Best Picture nom.

The Indian Oscar Selection Committee had ONE job this year, and they screwed up big time. This is unforgivable and sad. #RRR
Some feel that this only further cements their belief that the awards aren’t worth watchin.
The #Oscars2023 failed to nominate #RRRMovie for Best Picture, which confirms my decision to give up on and stop watching the awards five years ago.

Here's a list of films that inspired and/or excited me this past year — which includes RRR.
Fans really do feel like this was a huge snub.
RRR Deserved a Best Picture nomination! The academy slept hard on this masterpiece!
Though there is disappointment here, the film has already made history at the Oscars and may continue to do so if it ends up winning its one nomination.
Dissappointed to not see RRR compete for Best Picture, but what an historic run for @ssrajamouli @mmkeeravaani @Shobu_, the #RRR cast, crew and the Tollywood & Indian film industries. You put Telugu cinema on the map and you’ll still (hopefully) end this run with an Oscar. ❤️
Many will have their fingers crossed for the film come Academy Awards night in the hope that RRR will nab the Oscar for Best Original Song, bringing further praise and awareness to the film, and all those involved in its creation.


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