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The 33 Best Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix to Watch with the Family – PureWow

It’s that time of year when families are trading in their carved pumpkins and cobwebs for floral arrangements and autumn decor. Not to mention, there’s an influx of decadent Thanksgiving recipes that are already taking over our social media feeds, from sweet potato pie to mac and cheese. But aside from organizing the traditional family dinner, we thought: Why not make the holiday extra special by watching the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix?
The streaming platform offers a variety of great options, whether you want a cozy romance, a heartwarming comedy or a movie that inspires gratitude. Some of the films revolve around Thanksgiving, while others remind us of the act of giving. Either way, these flicks are best enjoyed with the entire family.
Keep reading for the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.
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BFFs Molly and Abbey try to plan a low-key Thanksgiving dinner, but those plans go out the window when they get some surprise visitors, including Molly’s estranged mother, her new boyfriend, her ex and a self-identified “shawoman.” Not surprisingly, chaos (and hilarity) ensues. 
College grads Harry Burns and Sally Albright are constantly at odds—especially when it comes to the topic of male-female relationships. But after ten years apart, they reunite and realize that they must put their own theories to the test. Can their friendship stay strictly platonic, despite their growing attraction for one another?
If you’re still feeling the Halloween spirit but needing an option that will entertain the entire family, look no further than The Curse of Bridge Hollow. The film follows Sydney Gordon, a teen who inadvertently unleashes an evil spirit that causes Halloween decorations to come to life. Sydney must team up with her dad to stop them before they wreak havoc on the town.
Love in the Villa revolves around Julie, a kindergarten teacher and hopeless romantic who goes on a solo vacation to Italy after going through a tough breakup. However, Julie is surprised to learn that her villa was accidentally double-booked, forcing her to share her much-needed alone time with a cynical stranger. 
Calling all chocolate enthusiasts! This charming romance drama follows Vianne Rocher, a single mom who travels to a small French village with her daughter and prepares to launch her own chocolate shop. The problem? Her store opens right at the beginning of Lent—and the village mayor is all too eager to paint her as the villain. 
What better way to recover from a food coma than with a fun, feel-good comedy about an anthropomorphic bear? The film centers on a lovable bear named Paddington, who migrates from the jungle to London in search of a new home. While there, he gets taken in by the Browns—but there’s also an evil taxidermist who’s trying to capture him for his personal collection.
If you’ve had to say “no” to the kids several times during Thanksgiving dinner, then perhaps they can live vicariously through the kids in this fun film. It follows married couple Allison and Carlos, who decide to treat their kids to a special “Yes Day,” meaning the children get to make up the rules for 24 hours. The result is a messy—but unforgettable—adventure, complete with a giant foam explosion.
Get your dose of nostalgia with this adaptation of E.B. White’s classic book. It follows Wilbur, a young pig who discovers that he’s heading to the butcher’s block. But thankfully, not all hope is lost. Wilbur enlists the help of a clever spider named Charlotte, who comes up with a plan to save her friend from his impending fate.
Mr. Bean’s Holiday features one of most iconic food scenes of all time, so it’s only fitting that we include this classic on the list. In the movie, Mr. Bean wins a vacation and ventures to Cannes, France, for a getaway. But chaos ensues when he’s mistaken for a kidnapper and a famous filmmaker.
Bullock is Dr. Kate Forster, a former lake house resident who starts to correspond with an architect living two years in the past. Over the course of two years, they communicate by sending letters to one another in the lake house mailbox, yet their paths never intersect. Can their budding romance survive the time difference?
We can’t resist a star-studded rom-com. This gem follows a woman named Gigi, who doesn’t know how to read her partners’ romantic signals. But fortunately, she meets a trusty guy friend to help her decode all the signs. Meanwhile, the movie also follows the love stories of eight other characters, who all share a connection with Gigi.
Whether you have a giant, blended family or a smaller group of relatives, you’ll appreciate this feel-good remake of the 1968 film. Yours, Mine & Ours revolves around Frank Beardsley, a navy officer and single father of ten who meets and falls for a widowed nurse, who’s also the mother of eight children. With the help of a mutual friend, they attempt to form one giant, blended family, but it’s not without its challenges. 
Midnight at the Magnolia follows radio co-hosts and good friends Maggie and Jack, who decide that faking a romantic relationship will ultimately get their show syndicated. Of course, the pair get a whole lot more than they bargained for. (Yes, it’s predictable, but the effortless chemistry between the leads makes it a must-watch.)
Eager to kick off the holiday season? Start with Holiday Rush, which follows a successful radio DJ who suddenly loses his job right before Christmas. Unfortunately for his wife and kids, he must scale back on expensive gifts. Could this setback be a blessing in disguise?
Inspired by James Baldwin’s novel of the same name, this poignant movie chronicles the story of Tish Rivers and her childhood friend-turned-partner, Fonny Hunt. When Fonny gets arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Fonny and her family fight to prove his innocence before welcoming their first child.
You might want to keep tissues nearby when you watch this touching drama, which tackles themes like loss, family, foster care and immigration. The movie is about an 11-year-old girl who gets separated from her mother by ICE agents. With the help of a kind social worker, she gets paired with a guardian who is also dealing with loss. As the holiday season draws near, the two form an unbreakable bond.
Tired of dealing with their parents’ incessant questions about marriage, Asha and Ravi—two single strangers who meet online—pretend to be each other’s dates at a series of weddings. Their arrangement gets complicated when they start to develop real feelings for each other.
Single mom Jeanette Williams has a chance encounter with a country star named Zane, who moves to a small town for a break from fame. The pair form a bond as they start to bond with each other and—you guessed it—fall in love. Give this one a watch if you enjoy Hallmark, fairytale-like films.
This feel-good musical centers on a troubled teen named Will, who has been to several foster homes due to his rebellious behavior. When he’s forced to choose between juvenile detention and a Christian summer camp, he opts for the latter and winds up finding love and having a life-changing experience.
Just three years after his team wins the Super Bowl, Sean Payton, coach of the New Orleans Saints, gets suspended from the NFL due to his connection to the Bountygate scandal. When he returns to his hometown, he agrees to coach his 12-year-old son.
After quitting her job as a wine company executive, Lola embarks on a mission to launch her own wine business. But she can’t do it without landing a major client. Determined to get her company off the ground, she travels to Australia and agrees to work as a ranch hand in hopes of signing her first client, but it proves to be way more challenging than she thought.
Based on Jane Austen’s namesake novel, the swoon-worthy romance follows Anne Elliot, who finds herself torn between following her heart and leaving the past behind after Frederick Wentworth, an old flame, comes back into her life. Cue the family drama.
The comedy horror, which was co-written by Sandler, follows Hubie Dubois, who volunteers to patrol his hometown during the Halloween season. When a real murder occurs, he realizes that Salem is facing a real threat and gets involved in the investigation. Does he have what it takes to save the town?
Craving a charming teen romance? Meet your match. To All the Boys follows high schooler Lara Jean, who isn’t the type to confront her crushes. Instead, she writes them secret love letters, with no intention of sending them. However, Lara’s life is turned upside-down when her sister decides to mail them. 
After meeting her dream guy on a dating app, an L.A. writer named Natalie decides to fly to his hometown to surprise her crush for Christmas. Upon her arrival, she quickly learns that she’s been catfished. (This will make you think twice about catching a flight to meet someone you’ve met online.)
When a toy inventor gets betrayed by his trusted apprentice, he loses everything, including his most prized creation. But three decades later, his granddaughter comes along and makes it her mission to save his life’s work. Jingle Jangle’s catchy musical numbers will have you up and dancing in no time.
There’s nothing quite like forbidden love. Directed by Tyler Perry, the drama film follows Bayou and Leanne, who meet as teenagers and then fall in love, but they’re torn apart because of Leanne’s disapproving family. Throughout their adulthood, they attempt to stay in each other’s lives, even though Leanne leads a new life passing as white.  
Kevin Hart stars as Matthew, a father who must take care of his daughter alone after his wife tragically passes away during childbirth. Naturally, his loved ones go above and beyond to offer their support, but he soon realizes that his mom and mother-in-law might be getting in the way of him raising his own daughter. It’s not your typical Hart comedy, but you can expect plenty of funny, heartwarming moments.
Holly Berenson and Eric Messer want nothing to do with each other after having the worst first date. But these two get the surprise of a lifetime when they learn that they must care for their godchild, Sophie, who recently lost her parents. After realizing that none of her relatives are fit to take care of her, Holly and Eric are forced to put aside their mutual hatred for the sake of the child. 
The French-language film follows a couple in Québec as they struggle to raise their kids in the modern world. The story mainly revolves around their 16-year-old daughter Rose, an overachiever who secretly battles with anxiety and depression. Although the movie resembles a breezy comedy, it tackles deep issues like mental health, stress and harmful parenting techniques. 
Heath Ledger is William Thatcher, a peasant squire who sets out to form a new identity as a knight after his master passes away. With the help of his fellow squires, Wat and Roland, he travels to England and France to fight in tournaments. Plus, he finds love along the way. It doesn’t revolve around Thanksgiving, but it’s filled with family-oriented themes.
Set in D.C, a struggling artist named Yusef Davis is determined to launch his painting career. But when he meets a brilliant law student named Chenai Hungwe, they pursue a whirlwind romance. As Yusef tries to balance this new relationship with his art, Chenai is already getting job offers from firms across the country. Can their romance survive long distance?
Anyone who has seen this classic already knows that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have the absolute best chemistry. Part one of the franchise follows Inspector Lee and James Carter, an unlikely pair of detectives who are forced to work together after a Chinese diplomat’s daughter gets kidnapped. Prepare to laugh your socks off with the whole family.
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