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Predator may be enjoying its comeback on Disney+, but fans of the alien bounty hunter shouldn’t miss these anime hits.
After the critical praise for Prey, the latest release in the Predator franchise, on Disney+, fans have enjoyed seeing the foe going up against Comanche hunter Naru. And they can enjoy more action from the alien hunter in Marvel Comics' latest Predator issues as the writers continue to experiment with new storylines surrounding the iconic antagonist.
But fans can also enjoy a number of anime shows that will undoubtedly hit a chord with them on some level. Whether it's alien warriors who are looking to test their skills or humans going against the odds on sci-fi worlds, there are plenty of series for them to enjoy.
Despite only lasting for one season, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet currently holds a four and a half out of five stars on Crunchyroll. Set in the distant future where humanity has lived in space for generations, a young soldier and his mech find themselves on Earth where some humans still live.
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The character's journey on an unusual planet and trying to get off safely will be reminiscent of Predators as the cast tried to avoid the aliens seeking to kill them on an alien world. But the anime also features several antagonists who try to get in the soldier's way, trying to outsmart one another which has made it an entertaining show.
The hit series follows Saitama, a hero whose tired of being able to defeat monsters with just one punch every time. A satire on formulaic manga featuring powerful heroes, the show embraces its absurd humor while also delivering some stellar action scenes.
With the arrival of powerful aliens looking for the strongest warrior by the first season's finale, the series introduces some of its greatest fights to date as the leader attempts to defeat Saitama in a visually impressive fight that's regarded as one of the best in anime. It's just as entertaining as Dutch and his comrades going up against the alien hunter that will leave some wanting more.
Perhaps one of the more unusual anime titles to come out in 2011, the miniseries saw an unexpected defender when aliens invade Earth in a teenager with the power to defeat them. But suffering from memory loss, he must try to regain them in order to face the invading menaces for good.
It may feature warm colors and a charming design, but its story of going up against the unknown while the teen questions himself might persuade some Predator fans to give this quirky anime a try. If nothing else, at least it tried to do something different compared with other alien invasion movies that came before it.
Based on the manga by Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul introduced audiences to the gothic underworld of Tokyo where ghouls co-exist with humans. After surviving a horrific attack by one, Ken Kaneki becomes a half-human, half-ghoul and must learn to use his newfound powers while hiding his secret from those closest to him.
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It may not initially seem like something that Predator fans will like, but it does have similar ideas to Predator 2 as Ken hunts and fights murderous ghouls across the city. And with a lot of bloody violence from its action scenes, some may even enjoy the horrific acts that these villains and heroes commit to one another throughout.
Originally released in 2014 and a run made up of two seasons, Knights of Sidonia saw Nagate Tanikaze protecting a spaceship from the Guana, a group of aliens who are attempting to claim it for themselves. Six years after the second season, fans rejoiced as a movie was released that continued Nagate's adventures on the Sidonia.
Despite the location sounding like something Alien enthusiasts would enjoy, this threat showed that they are smart and methodical beings with their own codes. They're even able to operate spaceships of their own, making them a deadly force that shouldn't be undermined in one of the best Netflix anime shows.
The series may have wrapped up with a theatrical outing last year, but that shouldn't stop anyone from checking this anime series out for themselves. Set in an alternative history where aliens invaded Japan, samurai Gintoki Sakata tries to make a living while evading unwanted attention.
With a show featuring many extraterrestrial and human threats for Gintoki to go up against, those looking for a unique take on samurai storytelling might enjoy this. Furthermore, it will be reminiscent of those who enjoy seeing human characters going up against such powerful and foreboding odds.
Anyone who loves anime will undoubtedly have heard or seen any of the several shows under the Dragon Ball name. Seeing the likes of Goku and Vegeta trying to best one another while fighting off against the greatest threats in the universe has been enjoyed by many, especially in the story arcs in Dragon Ball Super.
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With so many battles taking place across the Earth and the universe with humans and aliens going toe to toe with one another, anyone who enjoys any of the Predator movies might get a kick from some of the series' most iconic battles. Furthermore, some of their early encounters with the likes of Hit and Cell created suspense and mystery that resembled the alien hunter's slow reveal in its debut.
Considered one of the best sci-fi anime series, Outlaw Star follows a group of bounty hunters who are traveling through space to find treasure known as the Galactic Leyline. But their journey is no easy task as the twenty-six-episode series sees other human space travelers and lethal aliens attempting to stop them.
No matter what sci-fi movie anyone likes, they will undoubtedly find something to enjoy in this celebrated series. Mixing in a lot of elements from movies and television shows across the genre into one polished package, this is a must-see anime series, especially as fans of Cowboy Bebop might also enjoy it too.
Another manga adaptation, this was unlike any other series in 2015 as the show starred Koro-sensei, an alien who teaches class 3-E many ways to kill him before he eventually destroys the planet. An odd and peculiar premise, the series received positive reviews during its two-season run.
While this alien being cares for his human students, the show's focus on the many ways the students attempt to stop him before he can obliterate the Earth is a fun ride with a unique approach that made him one of the show's best characters too. And it also does something different with a dynamic between aliens and humans that may have become too repetitious and boring in some movies.
Split into two seasons, the 2004 series followed two recently deceased people who find themselves in an unusual and mysterious game where they must fight and kill numerous aliens with many weapons at their disposal. The series would be followed by a computer-animated movie titled Gantz: O in 2016 which grossed more than two-hundred and forty-six million yen at the Japanese box office.
With humans finding themselves in dangerous predicaments and forced to fight creatures from space armed to the teeth, fans of the Predator franchise and Prey will enjoy the many fights and suspenseful moments that all lead to violent conclusions. Whether it's the original series or the movie, Gantz is definitely worth picking up to be discovered.
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