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Here is our ranking of the best movies and TV shows from Wakanda Forever’s breakout star, Tenoch Huerta.
Actors work countless and tireless hours for years looking for projects that will give them their big break. Tenoch Huerta has all the talent and versatility that makes him one of the industry's most notable and sometimes overlooked actors today. Huerta is a Mexican actor that has a career throughout cinemas in Latin America, Spain, and the U.S.. Huerta has been in the entertainment business for a while and his acting credentials, both in film and TV, are reflective of that.
Recently, Huerta’s name has been a topic of conversation ever since he made his incredible MCU debut in 2022’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. We have put together an extensive list of some of Huerta’s best films and TV shows throughout his career from Narcos: Mexico to Blue Demon.
Así del precipicio is a 2006 unrated Mexican drama that follows the ever-changing lives of three roommates: Lucía, a successful art director, Carmen, a struggling artist, and Hanna, who is on the brink of divorce. Huerta plays Limpia Vidrios in this film and although his role is minor, it is a great start to what will be a thriving career for the actor.
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Now, we all know that The Purge movies are far from complete cinematic masterpieces. However, sometimes they can be a load of fun. The Forever Purge came out in 2021 and takes place in Texas, the morning after the Purge. Huerta stars as Juan alongside Ana de la Reguera, who plays Juan's wife, Adela. The couple finds themselves becoming witnesses to the continuation of the Purge into the day, signaling the start of the Forever Purge.
Madres is a 2021 horror film that follows the lives of a Mexican-American couple, Diana and Beto (Huerta), who are on a high having just started their family and moving to California. However, right when they think they are just about settling in, Diana, the wife, played by Ariana Guerra, starts experiencing the unexplainable that threatens their new lives together. Of course a good horror movie is a great way to add some diversity into an actor's filmography.
El más buscado is a Mexican crime film that came out in 2014. In this movie, Huerta plays Alfredo Ríos Galeana/El Más Buscado, a singer and bank robber. When he is eventually apprehended, he is interrogated, and he ends up telling them the story of how he got to where he is, his origin story. If you are a fan of action and crime films, this one is sure to be a solid watch.
2017 gave us the crime drama Hell (El Infierno). Hell follows a man named Benny (Damián Alcázar) after he is deported and gets thrown into the mix of the narcotics business. Huerta plays El Diablo in the film. It did end up earning an NC-17 rating, so it might not be the right choice for a family movie night. However, if that won't be a problem, and you are looking for a something to watch, maybe you should check out Hell.
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Huerta has been working in the industry for a long time and has some pretty nice performances in both Spanish and English. In 2009, Huerta starred as Lil' Mango in the crime drama film Sin Nombre. This film is a heavy watch that follows a young girl named Sayra as she has the opportunity to create a life she always wanted as well as reunite with her long-lost father.
If you are at all familiar with the astounding career of wrestler and actor Blue Demon, this Spanish TV show should be on your must-watch list ASAP. Blue Demon, the Spanish-language television series, came out in 2016 and ran for three seasons. In the show based on the life of the wrestler, Huerta plays Alejandro Muñóz/Blue Demon. The starring role in this series gave audiences a great look at Huerta's undeniable talent as an actor.
If you have seen Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, you are definitely aware of the show-stopping performance by Huerta as Namor. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to making iconic roles that define the careers of iconic actors. Huerta's impactful role as this film's villain is one of the best aspects of this already significant film. Whether it is just his involvement in the MCU as a whole or his introduction in a film that honors the legacy of the late Chadwick Boseman, there is no way we can go over the best from Huerta's career without shining a spotlight on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
In 2020, the drama film Son of Monarchs was released. Huerta plays a Mexican biologist living in New York City named Mendel. When Mendel's grandmother dies, he returns home to Michoacán, Mexico. Here he begins to uncover and unpack issues from his past that force him to rediscover himself and the person he is. Huerta in this kind of heavy drama film is such a fitting watch that it is hard to see how he could do any wrong.
Güeros takes place during the time of the 1999 student strikes in Mexico City. The 2014 comedy-drama follows the life of Tomas (Sebastián Aguirre), a young boy sent away by his mother to live with his older brother. Huerta stars in this film as Federico/Sombra, Tomas' older brother. This film, which is available now on Netflix, is a fantastic display of Huerta's acting abilities, capturing the heartfelt yet complicated brotherhood and coming-of-age themes throughout it.
The Tenoch Huerta universe of entertainment has an impressive and extensive presence across film and television. Netflix has had much of the current streaming platform releases on lockdown having put out countless projects that please even the toughest of critics. Narcos: Mexico has been running for three seasons, and we have been eating it up. Huerta plays Rafael Caro Quintero in this American-Mexican crime drama. Narcos: Mexico is an extension of the crime show Narcos, and is easily Huerta's most notable project in his career so far.


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