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Details regarding Netflix’s Power Rangers feature film and television series reboots leak online, seemingly confirming at least one fan suspicion.
New details surrounding the upcoming Power Rangers movie and television series reboots have emerged online.
Per The Illuminerdi, the leaks largely come via Twitter user Jinsaku, who outlined several potential spoilers for the hotly anticipated reboot of the fan-favorite franchise. These include the apparent confirmation that the upcoming feature film will star the same team as the subsequent TV series, that both entries in the franchise will be more adult in tone and that the Rangers who appear will be an all-new team entirely.
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At least the former of these was previously confirmed in part by End of the F***ing World creator and director Jonathan Entwistle, who will be leading Netflix's Power Rangers Cinematic Universe alongside Jenny Klein, who has worked on Jessica Jones, The Witcher and was showrunner for The Thing About Pam. Entwistle stated on social media that the "new Power Rangers show that [Jenny Klein] and I are working on is firmly part of the new Cinematic Universe. Can't wait to share more information with everyone soon! Maybe some familiar faces… in a brand new universe…"
The news that Netflix was developing its own Power Rangers universe was confirmed in June 2022 by Entwistle. The director made the announcement on Twitter by sharing a previous interview with eOne President of Global Television Michael Lombardo, along with a caption which simply stated, "I guess the cat's out of the bag! The new Power Rangers universe is coming to Netflix."
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The Netflix reboots are expected to follow on the heels of the hotly anticipated 30th anniversary of the franchise in 2023. In May, it was reported that Hasbro had asked all remaining members of 1993's original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series to return for the milestone occasion. So far. it is still not clear which if any of the original cast members have signed on to return to reprise their original roles or take on new ones.
The 30th series of the franchise was announced by Power Rangers Dino Fury Executive Producer Simon Bennett in August as part of Power Rangers Day 2022. Bennett made the announcement in a video posted to the official Power Rangers Twitter account. The post promised that the cast of Dino Fury would be returning for 2023's Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, marking the first time since the Mighty Morphin lineup that an entire roster has returned for a third season.
Power Rangers Cosmic Fury premieres in 2023 on Netflix. There are currently no announced release dates for the reboot film or series.
Source: The Illuminerdi
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