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Every studio out there is convinced they can ride the wave of others success, with Netflix absolutely certain they can one-up Mission Impossible with Gal Gadot’s Heart of Stone.
Netflix is so often in the position of trendsetter when it comes to its television output, pumping out new series like nobody’s business (only to then cancel them). Its film output — Knives Out and a few others aside — has mostly been quite poor or middling. Now, though, it’s convinced of a hit to challenge Tom Cruise’s mega franchise.
Instead of a scientologist doing insane stunts, it’ll be the former Wonder Woman actress. Netflix executive Ori Marmur has spoken with confidence in Heart of Stone, saying it will be Netflix’s Bourne; their big-budget high-octane action series, but with a woman at the lead.
“One of the things that got us really excited was the idea of doing a film in a genre that’s often dominated by men. It’s Mission: Impossible.” It’s Bourne. Those movies always have men at the center of them. This has two strong women in Gal Gadot and Alia Bhatt who are in the middle of things. Along with Jamie Dornan they form a central trio.”
Gadot’s last outing with Netflix was Red Notice, which came and went without any cultural or industry ramifications. Plenty of hours streamed, but hardly the hit it should’ve been given the budget and star power. However, there will still be sequels, so expect an endless supply of Gadot in your action films on Netflix.
Heart of Stone is set to debut on Netflix on Aug. 11, 2023.


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