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Aside from all their new original movies, these are some of the best recent and older movies coming to Netflix in November 2022…
Each month, Netflix loses and adds quite a lot of titles. Aside from the new Netflix original movies added in November, they're of course adding a selection of older or more recent films that they have the streaming rights to. However, it's a smaller selection than usual. Outside the good movies listed below, it's a somewhat meager proffering, which is a bit disheartening. Is Netflix saving up for a Christmas extravaganza to compensate? In which case they’re partially excused… anyway, here are the movies that are due out on the streaming service in November, and are actually pretty good.
The combination of Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski is a familiar one, with the pair recently reuniting for the box-office record-breaking Top Gun: Maverick. 2013’s Oblivion is a sci-fi action flick where humans are at constant war with extraterrestrials. Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper, a drone mechanic on a mission to retrieve Earth’s remaining mineral wealth. In the process, he makes a fateful discovery that may change both his course and that of mankind, as he begins to question the true purpose of his mission and himself.
The Bodyguard turns 30 later this year, and it has aged like a fine wine. The film stars Kevin Costner as Frank Farmer, a former Secret Service agent who is hired by an increasingly unnerved Rachel (Whitney Houston), a famous singer and actor who has been subject to callous death threats from an unknown stalker. Brought in to protect his new employer, Frank puts his life on the line, but neither had imagined how their paths would consequently cross romantically.
Denzel Washington is outstanding in Antoine Fuqua’s crime thriller Training Day. The American Gangster star won his first and only Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his rendition of corrupt cop Alonzo Harris. Set in downtown Los Angeles, volatile Detective Alonzo is entrusted with the task of training narcotics officer Jake Hoyt (also played excellently by Ethan Hawke) in a day on the beat.
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Hoyt quickly realizes that his erratic superior is both dangerous, and unscrupulous and Hoyt must fight for his survival. Hoyt’s tentative nature complements the outrageously domineering approach of his colleague, Alonzo, and it creates this on-screen tension which erupts at the film's stark conclusion.
Lusala is a young Kenyan man who, after a traumatic childhood, tormented by his father’s abusive tendencies and alcoholism, is taken from his father’s care and placed under the parental supervision of a wealthy family in the country’s capital, Nairobi. Under his aunt and uncle’s care, it quickly becomes apparent they’re eager for him to move out and live on his own. As he flees the nest, albeit not out of choice, Lusala struggles to combat his inner demons from his past that continually haunt him.
Based on the true story of the Oakland A’s baseball team, Bennett Miller’s film Moneyball was adapted from author Michael Lewis’ novel Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. It concerns the on and off-the-field affairs of the Californian side during the 2002 MLB season under the tenure of general manager, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt).
With one of the lowest budgets in Major League Baseball, Beane conceives revolutionary ideas that have the potential to make his team a force within America’s most esteemed baseball league. Recruiting the help of Ivy League graduate, Peter Brand (a wonderful Jonah Hill), they spend months compiling, then scouring an extensive database of considered “has-been” players who come with baggage, but with bags of potential.
Paul Greengrass’ 2013 movie, Captain Philips, a screen adaptation of the novel A Captain’s Duty, stars Tom Hanks as the courageous Captain on a cargo-ship caught in pirate-infested waters. As Philips and his crew head for Kenya, they inadvertently venture into Somalian waters. Targeted by a merciless group of Somali pirates, the Maersk Alabama is captured.
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As Philips pleads for his and his crew’s lives, he is left with an ultimatum. Hanks and his counterpart Barkhad Abdi (playing Abduwali Muse), are faultless in bringing this bleak period of history to life. Phillips is a man governed by a steadfast belief in always doing what is right, and his unflinching resolve in the most testing of circumstances is inspirational. It is certainly one of the best human rescue movies, based on true stories.
In Jason Reitman’s film Up in the Air, George Clooney stars as Ryan Bingham, a downsizing expert, who is essentially hired by companies to fire their problematic staff. Ryan is a character Clooney has become so deft at portraying, a charming, almost smug know-it-all who knows his strengths and ignores his weaknesses.
Ryan’s dawning realization that he is leading a somewhat soulless existence comes to pass when he meets Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga) and the couple hit it off, even if their relationship is unconventionally sporadic. Up in the Air possesses a really pleasant tone, that is both an enjoyable and funny watch.


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