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Sunday Oct 30, 2022
Netflix top six movies to stream this week.

Edward Berger serves as the director. He has also written the film alongside Lesley Paterson, and Ian Stokell.

The movie is an anti-war tale, set in the ending years of the Second World War. A young German soldier, Paul Bäumer, finds his early hopes of becoming a war hero crushed right in front of him by the harsh realities of war. The movie is based on a 1929 novel of the same name.

Tobias Lindholm steers the film while Krysty Wilson-Cairns has take the charge for for the script.

This crime thriller is an adaptation of the 2013 true-crime book of the same name by Charles Graeber about the serial killer Charles Cullen. Two nurses find themselves at odds with each other. Nurse Amy Loughren’s world turns upside down when she finds out that one of her colleagues is responsible for dozens of murders across two states, in nine hospitals, and over the span of more than a decade.

This stop-motion horror comedy film is helmed by the director of Coraline, Henry Selick, from a screenplay written by Selick and Jordan Peele, who also serve as producers.

This movie is based on Selick’s and Clay McLeod Chapman’s unpublished book of the same name about two wicked demon brothers, Wendell and Wild, who enlist the help of a 13-year-old to face their arch-enemy.

This action thriller is directed by Pierre Morel and written by Don Macpherson, Pete Travis and Sean Penn. The movie is based on the French novel The Prone Gunman.

In 2003, Jim Terrier, a mercenary assassinates the minter of mining for the Democratic Republic of Congo, after which he goes into hiding. Years later, he tries to redeem himself after years of PTSD due to his violent past and returns to Congo as a charity worker. It turns out that a hit squad sent by multinational security companies is after him.

This American action-fantasy film is directed by Ron Yuan and the script is co-written by John Swetnam, Aimee Garcia, and AJ Mendez.

This movie is a sequel to the 2013 film 47 Ronin and is set 300 years after its events. A new age of Japanese warriors emerges from the Samurai clans to keep a precious sword protected from rivals.

This Kenyan British short film is directed by Tom Whitworth who has also written the script alongside Davina Leonard.

In this Kenyan short film, a brave farmer steals blood ivory from a group of international terrorists who intend to do an illicit trade in it. The farmer is trapped by their crooked games and tries to evade them.

Brian Ogola
Davina Leonard
Lenny Juma
Shiviske Shivisi
Olwenya Maina 


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