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The Netflix series casts a new light on the refugee experience.
Major spoilers for Mo Season 1 ahead. Netflix and A24 joined forces to deliver a comedy from one of the stars of Hulu’s Ramy. Co-creator Mo Amer leads the self-titled Mo, a series following the ups and downs of a family of Palestinian refugees living in Houston, Texas. After an ICE raid forced Mo (Mo Amer) out of a job, he turns to the world of designer knock-offs to make ends meet and keep his family afloat, ultimately getting swept up in drugs and criminal activity.
Amer put a lot of time and dedication into building Mo’s first season, according to his interview with CNN ahead of the premiere. “This is the first-ever (American) show starring a Palestinian with a Palestinian family fleeing war. How do you handle that? How do you balance out all the stories that I’ve accumulated?” He said, “We had an embarrassment of riches because it was based off of my life, and fortunately and unfortunately, it was a lot that we went through.” Amer added that the series boils down to belonging. “This is a show about identity and wanting to be seen. This is a show about somebody who just wants to feel like he’s part of something. I think that just relates universally to everyone, not just immigrants and refugees.”
After premiering its first season on Aug. 24, will there be more to Mo’s story in the form of a second season? While Netflix has not yet renewed the dark comedy for another installment, let’s speculate on where the show could take Mo and his family next.
There are plenty of avenues for Mo to explore in Season 2, especially given the first season’s quasi-cliffhanger. While it might not leave things completely hanging, the finale definitely sets the stage for Season 2, with Mo trapped in Mexico and on the run from some particularly vicious coyotes. He might have to use his girlfriend Maria’s (Teresa Ruiz) family connections to make it back to Houston. Elsewhere, his mother and brother are left trying to run the family business without him.
While the situations the characters find themselves in seem grim, Amer told CNN that the light moments are just as important as the heavy ones. “This is a show that is a comedy, yes, of course,” he said. “It’s hella funny. But it’s also very grounded. And whenever something emotional happens, we’re going to sit in it and we’re going to embrace it and we’re going to go through it.” Expect more of that balance, if the show is renewed for Season 2.
With no word on the renewal, there’s also no word on the release date. If Netflix picks up the series for a second season, Mo would be returning to screens sometime in the summer or early fall of 2023.
Because he is the series co-creator (and its namesake), Mo Amer is very likely to return for Season 2. Teresa Ruiz, who plays Mo’s girlfriend on the show, might heavily factor into Mo’s return to the U.S., so viewers could expect her to remain part of the cast. Mo’s brother (Omar Elba), and his mother (Farah Bsieso) are also more than likely to return for the potential sophomore season, now that they’ll be running the business without Mo’s help. Then, there’s also Nick (Tobe Nwigwe); he appeared in all eight episodes, rounding out the main cast, which means he’ll likely be back for Season 2 as well. And who knows, maybe audiences will get treated to a cameo from series co-creator and Emmy winner Ramy Youssef if all goes well in Season 2.
This post will be updated as more Mo Season 2 details become available.
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