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This article discusses the Netflix series Ludik and will cover the release date, cast, production, premise, and other details.
Iconic Hollywood and South African actor Arnold Vosloo stars in the first Netflix Afrikaans title that the streaming site has launched. Vosloo stars as Dan Ludik in an exciting series that follows the character past his respectable job and family life and into the underworld and danger of his private life. Here’s everything we know about it.
Ludik is slated for a global release on Netflix on August 26th, 2022
Daan Ludik looks like an everyman for today. He runs his own furniture business and is a loving family man, However when you scratch the surface, you see that underneath Ludik is involved in all kinds of trouble, mixing with the local underworld and running with gangsters and mobsters. His name seems to be on everybody’s lips as his family and life are thrown into turmoil.  Ludik finds events spiraling out of control, and he tries every trick to hold everything together.
Our opinion on the premise
This is an old story that we may have seen before but the setting and leading man may be able to hold our interest for this one. Ludik looks exciting and thrilling, and with only 6 episodes, this should be a tightly written and well paced thriller.
Here is the confirmed cast.
Yes there is, you can watch it here:

The trailer gives you a good idea of the story and sets the tone for the series, Although it perhaps shows a lot of the storyline, it seems that there will be a mix of family drama, crime thriller and action set pieces to look forward to.
Ludik is set in the upper-class area of Pretoria east. He has been a self-made man, and has managed to build a successful business for himself, but it would seem it’s his shady private life that sets the story in motion. The story promises lots of twists and turns, some violent set pieces and we are told it also has some over-the-top humour too. The series is the first Netflix Afrikaans title. Without spoiling too much, diamond smuggling plays a big part in the story.
What do you think of this series? Will you add it to your watchlist? Comment below.
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