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Leonardo DiCaprio turned down a role in one of the best films to star in one of his worst jobs – Marca English

The actor had the chance to appear in a cult film
The film industry, and especially Hollywood, is one of the most important in the world.
Betting on a film project is sometimes a lottery, as it can be a failure or a success at the box office.
The list of the actors is a sign of whether the future film will be a great success or a disappointment. Just tell Leonardo DiCaprio, who experienced a failure in cinemas when he had previously turned down a role in a cult film.
On the other side of the story is Christian Bale who, like Leonardo DiCaprio, is one of the best actors of his generation.
The performer had been critically praised in one of his most memorable roles, as Jim Graham in ‘Empire of the Sun’, for which he contested with DiCaprio for the role of Patrick Bateman.
Patrick Bateman was the lead character in a film that director Mary Harron was preparing: American Psycho.
Without a big budget, the film had a small niche and received mixed reviews. However, Harron was clear about who she wanted to play Bateman.
The film was based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis and featured Bateman, who was described as a Wall Street insider who in his spare time was murdering people.
The director was not going to give in: she wanted Bale to be Bateman and this led to disputes with the production company, Lions Gate, who wanted DiCaprio.
DiCaprio accepted the role, which was one of his worst jobs.
The situation exploded when Lions Gate signed DiCaprio for ‘American Psycho’ without Harron’s approval and led to the director’s dismissal.
Oliver Stone took her place, but the new script didn’t convince anyone, including DiCaprio. The actor therefore opted for a change of scenery and said yes to the film ‘The Beach’.
Bale was finally the lead actor in ‘American Psycho’ and it is hard to imagine such a film with any other actor than him. DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ received poor reviews and the film is often remembered as one of ‘Leo’s’ worst projects.
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