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Stephen Colbert said that he assumed Pelosi was stepping down as party leader because she would instead “be the next host of ‘The Daily Show.’”
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On Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she would leave the Democratic leadership ranks when Republicans take control of the House in January.
Stephen Colbert joked that he assumed Pelosi made the call to become “the next host of ‘The Daily Show.’”
“But it turns out, this doesn’t mean Pelosi’s resigning from Congress. She plans to take an emeritus role that would allow her to offer counsel to her colleagues. Yes, she’ll remain a mentor to the younglings. She’s Obi-Wan Pelosi.” — STEPHEN COLBERT
“She’s 82. She said it’s time to start an OnlyFans account.” — JIMMY KIMMEL
“Pelosi has served as speaker with Presidents Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden, or as she calls them, the reasons why she started smoking, quit, then started again, then quit again.” — JIMMY FALLON
“Say what you will about Nancy Pelosi, but she knows what she’s doing. The worst thing you can do to Donald Trump is not say anything about Donald Trump. The man desperately craves attention. He’d rather you call him a disgusting, degenerate criminal moron than not say his name. And I’m sure he watched that speech since he’s always watching TV. Right now he’s probably at home spinning out saying, [imitating Trump] ‘Wait a second — does Nancy not like me? What did I ever do to her? Oh, right. Oh, yeah. Oh, and there was that. Oh, that was a bad one.’” — SETH MEYERS
“It happens. Honest mistake. He isn’t usually allowed to talk to women.” — JIMMY KIMMEL, on former Vice President Mike Pence forgetting women’s names during a CNN town hall
“I guess now we know why he calls his wife ‘mother.’” — JIMMY FALLON
“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine once somebody updates his operating system.” — JIMMY FALLON
“I think he might be a robot. I think someone built Trump a robot vice president and, on the morning of Jan. 6, he lost the remote control.” — JIMMY KIMMEL
Former President Barack Obama sat down with Trevor Noah for an extended interview on Thursday’s “Daily Show.”
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