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Feeling left out amid Sundance Film Festival buzz? You’ll soon be able to watch some of this year’s must-see films. 
While many of the festival’s biggest hits went directly to streaming in 2022, a majority of the first films to get firm release dates are heading to theaters first as the industry aims to rebuild the moviegoing experience. Others are expected to debut on streaming sites later this year.
These are the Sundance films already scheduled for release within the next year. (This story will be updated as more movies are purchased by distributors during the festival and release dates are announced.) 
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If you can’t get enough of the “rich people’s fancy vacation takes a turn for the worse” genre right now, Brandon Cronenberg’s gory, NC-17 sci-fi horror film is your next fix. Alexander Skarsgård plays a novelist staying at an all-inclusive island resort who meets a fan (Mia Goth) and faces extreme consequences for a hit-and-run incident. 
Where to watch: In theaters
The animated “The Amazing Maurice” promises a fun take on fairytales and fables, centering on sassy cat Maurice (Hugh Laurie), a group of rats, pied-piper friend Keith (Himesh Patel) and mayor’s daughter Malicia (Emilia Clarke) as a moneymaking scheme turns into an investigation of an underlying evil. 
Where to watch: In theaters
Lena Dunham, Molly Ringwald, Samantha Bee are among stars and authors who celebrate Judy Blume in this documentary, which explores the best-selling young adult author’s rise to fame, her brushes with controversy and drive to talk about life issues she felt children deserved to learn about. 
Where to watch: Amazon Prime
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A Pakistani London teen (Priya Kansara) aspires to be a famous stuntwoman, but her first call to action is a mission to kidnap her sister (Ritu Arya) from her sudden arranged marriage in this energetic action comedy, written and directed by Nida Manzoor.
Where to watch: In theaters
A celebration of the rock legend’s career goes hand in hand with how the music industry whitewashed “Little” Richard Penniman’s considerable influence in this honest and essential documentary. Through archival footage and interviews, the film chronicles the flamboyant performer’s early days as a drag act and his superstardom amid a complex life struggling with his queerness and his religion.
Where to watch: In theaters, and on CNN and streaming at a later date
This documentary, shot in black and white, tells the stories of four Black transgender sex workers living in New York and Georgia. It’s the directorial debut of Grammy-nominated producer, singer and songwriter D. Smith. 
Where to watch: In theaters
Beloved “Back to the Future” star Michael J. Fox, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, gets candid about his private struggles with alcohol abuse and depression. 
Where to watch: Apple TV+
‘There’s no way out’: Michael J. Fox says he became an alcoholic, hid Parkinson’s diagnosis
This coming-of-age documentary chronicles the career of Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry, and his rise to become one of the greatest NBA players of all time. “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler is among the film’s producers. 
Where to watch: Apple TV+
Teenage artist Adam (Asante Blackk of “This is Us”) is faced with an unusual task: Amid Earth’s alien takeover, he must livestream moments of his relationship with new girlfriend Chloe (Kylie Rogers) for the amusement of alien viewers in order to make ends meet for their respective families (including Tiffany Haddish, William Jackson Harper, Josh Hamilton and Michael Gandolfini). 
Where to watch: In theaters
Model and actress Brooke Shields’ career, including harrowing and traumatic experiences as she was sexualized as a child model, is retold in this two-part documentary directed by Lana Wilson, whose previous work includes Taylor Swift’s 2020 Netflix documentary “Miss Americana.”
Where to watch: Hulu
‘Stay alive and get out’: Brooke Shields reveals she was raped in ‘Pretty Baby’ documentary
Sarah Snook (“Succession”) stars as a divorced Australian mother forced to confront dark secrets and repressed trauma from her family’s past. Her 7-year-old daughter (Lily LaTorre) takes in a stray bunny as a pet for her birthday, which incites a series of bizarre turns and revealed truths as the girl begins to exhibit increasingly dangerous bad behavior.
Where to watch: Netflix
Frankenstein gets a contemporary reimagining in this horror flick, which follows a nurse Celie(Judy Reyes) discovering that her daughter has become an reanimation experiment for a pathologist Rose (Marin Ireland) after the child died from a sudden bacterial infection. 
Where to watch: Shudder
Phoebe Dynevor (“Bridgerton”) is heading back to Netflix in this psychosexual thriller (co-starring Alden Ehrenreich) about two Wall Street analysts who hide their office relationship. The film explores gender dynamics, ambition and ego in and outside of the workplace.
Where to watch: Netflix
Contributing: Brian Truitt
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