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*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days*
Despite abysmal review scores, the 365 Days movies have earned a huge following among Netflix viewers who have become enthralled with the steamy relationship between its character Laura Biel and Massimo Torricelli.
In August 2022, the latest film in the franchise arrived on our screens, The Next 365 Days, and viewers have been eager to discover Laura’s fate after she was shot in the final moments of the previous film.
However, The Next 365 Days closes with an open-ended conclusion of its own, which has left fans asking exactly how many 365 Days movies there are and whether there’ll be any more to come.  
The Next 365 Days arrived on Netflix on Friday, August 19, 2022.
Following the events of the second film in the trilogy, This Day, Laura is recovering after being shot in a standoff between her husband and his twin brother, Adriano.
However, her troubles are far from over as her relationship with Sicilian crime boss Massimo hangs in the balance as he returns to his manipulative ways.
Their love affair has never been straightforward and has been plagued with trust issues from the beginning.
But the presence of Nacho, a hunky gardener who was revealed to be the son of a rival crime boss, threatens to complicate matters further as he wants to win over Laura himself which threatens to drive her and Massimo apart.
There are three movies in the 365 Days film series, each of them based on a book in the novel trilogy by Polish author, Blanka Lipińska.
The first of which was simply titled 365 Days and it had a limited cinematic release before Netflix acquired the film and released it internationally in June 2020.
Two years later, in April 2022, the second film in the trilogy, 365 Days: This Day, arrived as a Netflix original and continued the steamy love affair between Massimo and Laura, although its plot deviated from the original source material.
And a matter of months after the second film arrived, The Next 365 Days followed suit on August 19, 2022, after it was filmed back-to-back with the previous instalment.
Following the conclusion of The Next 365 Days, there are currently no plans for the series to continue for a fourth film in the franchise.
However, while there are no plans in place for a fourth film in the franchise, the ending of The Next 365 Days has left the door well and truly open for more.
Despite the book version of the story seeing Laura escape Massimo’s clutches with Nacho, the film tells its own story and by the end of The Next 365 Days, Laura doesn’t commit to either of her potential love interests.
The open-ended finale to the film has left a number of fans hungry for more, with several taking to social media to ponder whether there’ll be a 365 Days 4.
“Done watching ‘The Next 365 Days’ and the ending got me wondering if there’s gonna be part 4,” commented one fan on Twitter.
While another added: “Ok now when does 365 Days part 4 come out? It did not have to end like this.”
This fan wrote: “365 Days, I need part 4 NOW!”
And finally, this fan said: “So I think there should be part 4, that final 365 Days that doesn’t feel like an ending?”
The Next 365 Days is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on August 19, 2022.
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