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Dwayne Johnson proclaims that he believes Henry Cavill to be the greatest Superman actor of all time, even above the late Christopher Reeve.
After the return of Henry Cavill's Superman to the DCU, Dwayne Johnson reveals that he thinks Cavill's version of the character is the greatest of all time. Cavill first donned the iconic red cape in 2013's Man of Steel, a Zack Snyder film that earned somewhat mixed reviews from critics but a strong response from fans. The actor would reprise his role as Superman in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017's critically-panned Justice League (and the 2021 rework, Zack Snyder's Justice League). After years of uncertainty and rumors regarding his future as the character, Cavill surprised fans by returning as Superman in the post-credits scene for Black Adam, an appearance due in large part to Johnson's continued campaigning to DC executives.
In a recent video posted on Twitter celebrating Black Adam's digital release, Johnson discusses why he pushed to bring Henry Cavill back as Superman, calling the actor the best to ever portray the character. Although showing respect for Christopher Reeve's version of the iconic superhero, Johnson makes it plain that, for him, Cavill stands above the rest. Check out his full comment below:
There was no other Superman, by the way, to bring back. Henry Cavill is our generation’s Superman and, in my opinion, the greatest Superman. And I mean that respectfully to the other actors, especially Christopher Reeve, but [Henry is] the greatest Superman of all time.
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Reeve first played Superman back in the 1978 film of the same name and would go on to reprise his role for three sequels. While the last two installments proved divisive, the first two are widely considered some of the best Superman movies ever made. Some effects in the films are, of course, very dated now, but Reeve's take on Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent, is still widely used as the take on the character against which all other Superman iterations are measured. Cavill, on the other hand, stars as Superman in several movies that didn't serve the character especially well.
Man of Steel is arguably the best Superman movie that has been released in a very long time, and the fan response to the movie speaks for itself. However, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is widely considered to be something of a disappointment, featuring impressive visuals and a dark tone but a lackluster villain and scattered plot. 2017's Justice League, similarly, was a big letdown for many fans, with the movie's troubled production ultimately resulting in a messy, tonally confused DCU entry. Zack Snyder's Justice League improved many issues with the 2017 release, but is still ultimately an ensemble piece that doesn't give Cavill very much time to shine.
Reeve starred as Superman in four solo-films, but Cavill, despite a number of appearances in the DCU, has only really taken center stage in one movie, making comparing their two takes on the character somewhat difficult. Reeves arguably has a better track record as the hero, but Cavill's performance in Man of Steel is considered by many to be peak Superman. Ultimately, of course, him being the best version of Superman is just Johnson's own opinion and fans are free to make up their own minds, but there's a case to be made that Cavill needs to make Man of Steel 2 before it feels like a fair comparison can be made.
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Source: Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock)/Twitter
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