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By Emily Longeretta
Great American Family‘s original Christmas movie slate is here — and has increased by 50% in its second year. On Thursday, Bill Abbott’s network unveiled the 18 all-new original movies kicking off their “Great American Christmas” programming franchise.
This year’s annual event kicks off on Friday, Oct. 21 with an original Christmas movie premiering every weekend. Additionally, Christmas movies will air 24/7 throughout the end of the year.
Original movie talent returning to star in “Great American Christmas” include Daniel Lissing, Merritt Patterson, Jill Wagner, Cameron Mathison, Jen Lilley, Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe, Cindy Busby, Jessica Lowndes, Shae Robins, Casey Elliott and Jillian Murray. Making their “Great American Christmas” debut this year are Andrea Barber, Dan Payne, Marc Blucas, Jennifer Freeman, Joseph Cannata, Garrett Watson, Jesse Hutch, Paul Greene, the legendary Gladys Knight and Candace Cameron Bure.
Bure left her post at Hallmark in April after starring in multiple films for the network, a decision she spoke in length on with Variety last month.
“I have an executive role at the network as well. It’s really looking at content overall and producing other content in terms of Christmas and rom-coms and stuff for the Great American Living channel,” Bure shared. “So there’s lots for me to do but there’s a lot more that will be off camera and behind the scenes than how much you’ll see me on camera, because that’s really what my life has taken and this path.”
Great American Family has similar themes to Hallmark Media, but also has a big faith component, which was an important draw for Bure.
“They are going to move much more forward in the faith content, and having both — still having lots of movies, rom-coms and Christmas movies that don’t involve faith, but also ones that really do,” she shared. “I think that’s that’s going to be a big difference in Great American Family channel, as well as patriotic content.”
Scroll down for the full “Great American Christmas” slate:
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