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Gossip GirlWhen it comes to a Gossip Girl season 2 premiere date at HBO Max, what in the world is the streaming service doing? It is fair to wonder that at the moment, and for many different reasons.
Take, for starters, the simple fact that production is done for the new episodes and yet, there’s still no announcement of a date. We don’t expect anything to be coming over the next couple of weeks, but it would be nice to have a good bit of advance notice on the premiere itself.
Luckily, we do think that we could be getting some more news on the future sooner rather than later, and it’s possible that HBO Max may be waiting at the moment for one simple (and understandable) reason: They want to get to the other side of what’s going on with the Emmys tomorrow. For the next several days, there is a reasonably good chance that a lot of other TV news could get lost in the shuffle, and we 100% think that executives and publicists are aware of that. They want people to remember Gossip Girl season 2 enough to tune in with big numbers, so late in this week / next week could be a better time to announce something.
For now, our #1 hope is that we do get a chance to see the cast back at some point in November. All indications suggest that more episodes are coming this year, so why wait beyond then to kick things off? We don’t quite think there’s any reason to.
The only reason why a premiere could be pushed to November is because HBO Max could want to premiere the episodes all at once but personally, we advise against that. Why do something that is going to lead to less time the show is being actively discussed? We’ve always had concerns about the “Netflix model” for that very reason.
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