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From The Adventures of Tintin to The Sparks Brothers.
Edgar Wright is one of the most appreciated and talented directors of today. He's created some of the most popular fan favorites, from Scott Pilgrim vs the World to Shaun of the Dead, which have rightly become cult classics. However, people likely didn't know that some other popular movies included him on the roster, as an executive producer or screenwriter.
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Wright's movies are memorable for many things – excellent writing, innovative directing, and funny and recognizable characters. This is something that Rotten Tomatoes also recognized, as his work never received less than a 70% approval rate. Considering RT uses 60% as a threshold for quality content, it's obvious Wright has had a lot of incredible success.
Although Wright's directing isn't the main focus here, The Adventures of Tintin was still rated incredibly well. Released in 2011, this animation about one of comic books' favorite characters, Tintin and his dog Snowy, raked in around $370 million at the box office but, more importantly, withstood the test of time and still looks visually stunning.
Edgar Wright's touch is apparent in The Adventures of Tintin. The dialogue is energetic, charming, and filled with quips and comebacks in his style. Since he's able to put a stamp on everything he creates, Wright's screenplay remains one of the most memorable pieces of writing, and the movie itself one of the best in the genre
Although very characteristic of Wright, Last Night in Soho is his worst-rated film. Still, his "worst" doesn't signify low quality, since it has a fresh 76% on the Tomatometer scale. The movie may have felt lacking to some critics because of its supernatural elements, but Edgar Wright still tackled the topic fittingly and surprisingly, even.
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Last Night in Soho possesses some of the most visually stunning frames that depict the lifestyle and scenery of London in the 1960s. It evokes nostalgia, giving it almost a FOMO feeling. Although people can't time travel, movies like this one are the closest to a time machine audiences can get.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a cult classic. Not only that, it's definitely one of the most popular comedies of the last twenty years, with one of the best fight scenes of the 21st century. Scott Pilgrim vs the World celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020, but many people still remember its dialogues and scenes like the movie just came out recently.
This visually stunning and masterfully edited movie has a surprising 82% on the Tomatometer, but for hardcore fans, this number is likely much higher. Still, being the second-lowest rated with that percentage tells a lot about Wright's progression across genres and storytelling. This is quite a great ranking for a movie about a video game, which famously don't do well.
Ant-Man seems to have it all: Paul Rudd as the main protagonist, Edgar Wright as the screenwriter and Peyton Reed in the director's chair. This is another movie to which Wright only contributed in writing, but did so in the most spectacular of ways.
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Edgar Wright's knack for adventure and action seems to have suited the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Ant-Man is one of its best-rated films, although it's also one of MCU's most underrated films in terms of popularity. If people gave it a chance after learning Wright wrote the script, they'll surely be thrilled by its charm and adventurous spirit.
The World's End is an amazing ending to an already fantastic series dubbed "The Cornetto Trilogy." It's a story of friendship, maturing, and taking responsibility for one's life and actions. Oh, and it's also about an alien invasion. Wright's ability to gather a stellar crew also doesn't go unnoticed – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, and Eddie Marsan are the leading ensemble.
This movie depicts Wright's talent for combining the supernatural and fantastical with the real world. Dramas are fine, but a lot can be said about human nature by how they deal with the "unnatural." Sometimes, those unnatural things are just an extension of the human struggle, coming to people in a different light so they can successfully conquer them.
When Attack the Block came out in 2011, it had the familiar Wright stamp on it. It was a refreshing, action-packed comedy about a group of teenagers repelling an alien invasion from their block. Although Wright was only the executive producer, the movie was created by his longtime friend Joe Cornish and then rising star, John Boyega.
Attack the Block was also Boyega's debut feature. The movie allowed him and the rest of the stellar cast to shine a light on their talents and enjoy accolades for years to come. This movie is, and likely will stay, one of the best films about an alien invasion.
"The greater good" must be what everyone mutters to themselves (or out loud, even) when there's mention of Hot Fuzz. This witty and at times ridiculous cop comedy quickly turns into an ominous thriller, adding another layer to peel when any viewer plans to rewatch it.
While all of Wright's films are rewatchable masterpieces, Hot Fuzz is probably number one on that list. Its many jokes and puns can be fully understood after coming back to the movie once again. And if a film's quality can be decided by its ability to surprise and enthrall time and time again, this one deserves its Tomatometer ranking.
After coming off of the wave of Spaced, fans were thrilled to see the show's cast (plus the fantastic Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton) come back in a movie that's since been labeled one of the best British horror films of the 21st century. Shaun of the Dead is more than just a cult classic – it showcases Wright's true love for zombie horror.
Although it's tough to rid his writing and directing of the well-known charm and quirkiness, it's apparent that Wright took inspiration from George A. Romero, the king of zombie horror, for this movie. Yet, it's tough to watch it with anything other than enthusiasm. If you've never liked zombie-themed shows and movies, Shaun of the Dead could easily change your mind.
A romance to some, a heist movie to others, Baby Driver pulls all the stops before its glorious ending. Despite several tropes (successfully) pushed into one movie, this feature was obviously made as an homage to one of humanity's most important things – music.
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While it isn't a musical, with the way action scenes were choreographed in Baby Driver, it could very well be. This movie deserves all the accolades it received, and is another rewatchable feature on the list that simply gets better with every viewing. It's pretty satisfying to hear that Wright has written a script for a Baby Driver sequel, which is highly anticipated by numerous fans.
Since Baby Driver showcases how much importance Wright places on music in his life, the 96% rating for the documentary movie The Sparks Brothers isn't surprising at all. This feature came out without too much fanfare, but it's a wonderful and gripping story on the life and creation of Sparks, a band composed of brothers Ron and Russell Mael.
This group may seem like an unlikely choice of protagonists, but it's actually perfect for Wright's directing style. The Sparks Brothers evidently showcases artistic integrity, resilience, and how creativity and recognition come in waves. As an artist himself, and featuring many other artists, Wright directed a perfect homage to some musical greats.
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