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Find out more about this Italian youth series.
Middle school, although embarrassing, has its memorable moments. From first crushes to awkward kisses, it’s also a wonderful time to navigate the early years of teenagehood. But life can be hard sometimes, even when you’re on the brink of thirteen. DI4RIES is an Italian series on Netflix that focuses on the lives of eight different kids in the Galileo Galilei Middle School. The teen show is brought to you by Alessandro Celli and written by Mariano Di Nardo, Simona Ercolani, and Angelo Pastore. Produced by Stand By Me, DI4RIES comes from the same minds behind shows like I Cavalieri di Castelcorvo and Sara e Marti.
Bringing you the highs and lows of growing up, with a few extra surprises in between, here’s everything we know so far about DI4RIES.
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On June 27, 2022, Netflix released the worldwide trailer for DI4RIES. The trailer begins with a stunning seaside view of Ischia, an island in the hamlet of Marina Piccola. The video then cuts to Pietro, a nearly 13-year-old boy riding his bicycle down the street. He reflects on his time at the Galileo and with his classmates in Class 2D. The trailer then focuses on other people at the Galileo, including Livia, the Little Miss Perfect who never gets anything wrong, Daniele, the guy who appears to have everything under control, Isabel and Monica, the champions of justice, Arianna, the self-proclaimed Miss Universe, and Giulio, the school's favorite jokester.
Following the trailer is a series of montages depicting the kids' ups and downs in middle school. Everything culminates in one major event that will shock the entire student body at the Galileo, whether it's first crushes, mean bullies, or arguing parents. DI4RIES takes us on an intimate journey with these kids as they learn how to find their places in school and discover who they want to be in life throughout the heartwarming series.
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The Italian youth series was first released in Italy on May 18, 2022, on Netflix. However, the international release is scheduled for July 26, 2022. The show will be available for global streaming on Netflix as well.
DI4RIES is a coming-of-age tale that highlights the individual life-changing journeys of the children at a local middle school in Marina Piccola. Each episode follows a point-of-view from one of the show's eight protagonists, who becomes the narrator themselves and tells the story like a personal diary entry. Viewers get to see the different lives of the middle school told through the eyes of kids with strikingly different personalities and interests. But these stories don't just stand out by themselves. Later on, we'll see how some of the main characters' lives intertwine and make up the huge narrative that shows the different elements of growing up.
DI4RIES is set to release 15 episodes. In true Netflix fashion, all 15 episodes will be released on the premiere date, so you get to binge the whole thing in one go. Each episode is approximately 24-52 minutes long.
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Andrea Arru stars as Pietro Maggi, the cool dude at school who has an outspoken mind and is headstrong with his ideas (though some would consider him to be a bit too stubborn). He doesn’t come from the most harmonious family – his parents are constantly arguing with each other. But despite his family situation, he’s still active in school, constantly showing his abilities as an impressive graffiti artist and founding the class basketball team.
Resident class clown and Maggi’s best friend Giulio Paccagini (Liam Nicolosi) is constantly running around playing jokes – but he’s a nice person nonetheless. Livia Mancini (Flavia Leone), is the “Miss Perfect” who wishes for a reality where she can break the rules and live her life authentically. Then comes Isabel Diop (Sofia Nicolini), a sporty and persevering girl who has trouble getting close to people she likes. Diop’s not always alone though. She has her best friend Monica Piovani (Federica Franzellitti), the class geek who eventually helps Paccagini with his studies, despite disliking him and his jokes. Daniele Parisi (Biagio Venditti), is the calm and collected cool guy who secretly over-worries too much.
The remaining two protagonists include Mirko Valenti (Pietro Sparvoli), a shy and sensitive guy who’s passionate about music. He’s into rap music and is obsessed with the singer Tancredi. Last but not least, Arianna Rinaldi (Francesca La Cava), is the school’s “mean” girl who spends a great deal of time considering the “labels” of the student body.
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