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The Deadpool movie franchise is no doubt brimming with hilarious one-liners. Here is how the best of them rank.
Led by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool is, undeniably, one of the funniest superhero movies of modern history, so it's no surprise it became a critical and commercial success that saw a sequel, Deadpool 2, release shortly after, with Deadpool 3 currently in development. Indeed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the highly anticipated threequel is scheduled to hit theaters November 8, 2024. The film will also see the return of fan-favorite character Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman). Since the ferocious mutant met his tragic end in 2017’s Logan, what remains to be seen is how the Deadpool 3 team will approach Wolverine's reincarnation. A popular theory is that, with the film marking Deadpool's entry into the MCU, this version of Wolverine will be a Variant of some kind (per CinemaBlend).
Either way, one thing is certain: Wade Wilson will continue to charm audiences with his wit and hilarity in Deadpool 3. His brand of comedy, in fact, is what separated him from other, typical superhero fanfare. As such, here's a list of the best quotes from the Deadpool franchise (so far), one-liners that left us crying, laughing, and everything in between.
Deadpool has left no room for interpretation from his fans and has truly, time and again, made clear his animosity for Wolverine. For what it's worth, Wolverine isn’t a big fan of Deadpool either. This crooked chemistry between the duo indeed becomes a running joke in the Deadpool franchise that undoubtedly has left the audience gagged on several occasions. Truly, the audience is only hoping to see this in Deadpool 3, especially since it'll be the first time since X-Men Origins: Wolverine that the two characters were in the same room together.
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What could be worse than forgetting one's ammunition bag, given the prospect of going toe-to-toe against the big baddies? Probably nothing, but only Deadpool has the gall to make a joke out of it. Of course, as we see later in this scene, he does kill his foes with those 12 bullets without dying in the process. Nothing but applause (and laughter) here!
It is definitely blurry whether hitting a woman is sexist or not, given she is involved in killing Deadpool. Believe it or not, male Avengers, or any other Marvel character for that matter, in such a situation would have bucked. But Deadpool knows his game because, as mentioned by him on several occasions, he is no hero in this unicorn fairytale. Yes, he punched her pretty face.
Deadpool and She-Hulk have mastered the art of breaking the fourth wall to interact with their audience. However, fans might agree that Deadpool's fourth wall-breaks offer a specific kind of humor. Throughout Deadpool and Deadpool 2, his breaking the fourth wall is much cleaner and smoother than most of those in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
More than just breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool consistently demonstrates how he understands that he is fundamentally a character in a story being produced by a team of creatives for an audience. This makes his jabs at movie studios all the more hilarious; he's acknowledging everything the audience is thinking about his own movie.
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Undeniably, Deadpool boasts an inexhaustible list of all the things he has made fun of collectively in the franchise. He has mocked Disney, Thanos, The Avengers, Marvel, and more in order to keep his audience entertained. So, naturally, DC is just a drop in this ocean, and frankly, why not?
Deadpool can be funny, sarcastic, and a jerk, all at once, regardless of anybody’s feelings. Aside from this, of course, he is also an honest guy who loves to keep his audience informed about the behind-the-scenes decisions happening in his franchise. Be it wide-angle shots or CG fights, he finds humor in everything to keep the audience gagged.
Deadpool did what other Marvel movies hadn't done: tell dirty jokes. And that is probably what makes him a unique character in his franchise. Aside from Logan and Blade, the Deadpool movies were the only Marvel properties to receive an R-rating; for the former, it was precisely because of their graphic violence, but for Deadpool (which doesn't shy away from blood and gore), it's also beause of the sexual nature of some of his jokes. He has no filter, and that's why we love him!
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