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Streaming services have meant more holiday films are more readily available this time of year. That means hundreds of options beyond Hallmark marathons and the classics that traditionally air as Christmas approaches.
As adults take holiday vacations and kids stay home and camp out on the couch, here are a few of the top options for streaming movies while you wait for Santa.
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HBOMax offers the original “A Christmas Story,” the sequel that no one’s probably ever watched or cared about, and this year’s new “A Christmas Story Christmas.”
Due to some problematic parts in the original — child abuse, racism and other things that just don’t age well — parents might be reluctant to show it to their kids. Or it could be an opportunity to engage a discussion about how the world has changed.
“A Christmas Story Christmas” could translate to children who haven’t seen the original as a standalone movie. For those of us who have watched the original for our entire lives, it’s predictable and cheesy in the best way. It also has some truly hilarious moments.
Both movies bring home important realities: No family is perfect, and no holiday is perfect.
The first three “Home Alone” films are available on Disney+: the classics, “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” and, again, another sequel most people don’t care about, “Home Alone 3.” And something I didn’t know, so we will focus on the first two.
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These films follow the 1990s John Hughes pattern of bad guys getting a special kind of justice. In this case, that includes a small child literally setting them on fire and throwing bricks at them. Once again, these are films that might require additional discussions with smaller children. The good news is the slapstick comedy still translates. The 2021 sequel, “Home Sweet Home Alone,” is tolerable, but some of the violence just doesn’t work in the way it did in the ’90s.
It’s not the holiday season without this stop-motion classic. But once again, we run into problematic moments: Santa is the worst. Donner is even worse. But it could open things up for meaningful conversations about bullying and bigotry.
At only 55 minutes, it’s a great “OK, fine, one more movie before bedtime” option, and as a visual work of art, it’s still impressing.
The perfect way to stop yourself from eating too many holiday treats is to watch Will Ferrell eat a pile of spaghetti with candy and maple syrup poured on top. The thought of eating that alone creates more of a stomachache than eating several sugar cookies in one sitting.
Several options are available for this classic story of a lonely, hurt outsider who seeks to destroy Christmas for his happy neighbors. All three can be found on streaming services. The 2018 computer animation starring Benedict Cumberbatch expands on the original character of Cindy Lou Who, giving her depth as a child who’s wise beyond her years when it comes to the spirit of the holidays.
Will Ferrell is back in a new Christmas comedy, this time alongside Ryan Reynolds. This “Christmas Carol” adaptation is… a lot. A lot of music, a lot of migraine-inducing-flashing lights, a lot of really impressive dance numbers that are hard to look away from. It’s the kind of movie that kids won’t be able to look away from, and parents might be happy to keep on in the background and catch snippets of from time to time as they work on holiday chores.
Some movies find their way onto holiday lists, even if they aren’t focused on anything holiday related. These include binge-able series that are perfect for long hours with the family, such as “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” (both on HBOMAX). But there are some picks that aren’t technically about the holidays, but do incorporate the holiday season. Streaming services have confirmed that the following are officially holiday movies:
When you’ve hit your limit of cheesy movies, quiet things down and set the mood with streaming fireplaces. Here are a few of the offerings:
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Along with curated holiday episodes of television shows, HBO’s steaming “Holiday Wonderland” section also includes the following:
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