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SARAJEVO: Mirza Begovic’s comedy Amanet, distributed by Una Film, finished 5th in the Top 10 in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 30,732 admissions and 96,463 EUR / 188,667 KM gross. Pjer Žalica’s May Labour Day / Praznik rada (Obala Art Centar) is number 10 with 23,279 admissions and 78,190 EUR / 152,927 KM gross.
In 2022, the first full year of activity since the COVID-19 pandemic, 1,118,550 admissions were recorded in Bosnian cinemas, of which 68,367 admissions were for domestic films.
Admissions are slowly approaching the numbers from 2019 when 1,293,760 admissions were recorded. Partly due to the rise in ticket prices, the gross box office gain in 2022 was higher than Amanet by Mirza Begović, credit: Hudhud proin 2019 when 3,496,957 EUR / 6,839,454 KM were recorded compared to 3,702,939 EUR / 7,242,319 KM in 2022.
A significant change is visible in admissions to national films: from 1,249 in 2019 to 68,367 admissions in 2022.
Amanet was produced by Hudhud pro in coproduction with Amfiteatar Busovača and Preporod Busovača.
May Labour Day is a coproduction between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia, produced by Forum Association and coproduced by Propeler Film, Sisters and Brother Mitevski, Backroom Production, BašČelik, Aba Film and Artikulacija.
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FNE’s objectives include VISIBILITY for the region and AUDIENCES for films by providing a special focus on the region.
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