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From the return of Michael Myers to X’s prequel Pearl, to a remake of 2014’s Goodnight Mommy, 2022’s Fall/Winter horror movies look pretty promising.
While 2022 horror movies had a strong showing throughout spring and summer, winter and fall is set to be a stellar time for the genre. Horror has always been at home in the darker, colder months of the year. From 1978’s original Halloween to 2017’s Stephen King adaptation It, the Fall and Winter months have often been home to huge horror box office success stories.
As such, it is no surprise to see that Fall and Winter 2022 will be home to a slew of high-profile horror releases. Some of these will head straight to streaming while others will appear exclusively in theaters, but all of these upcoming horror movies hope to cash in on the arrival of the darker, colder side of the year. From English language remakes of indie hits to highly hyped slasher sequels, Fall and Winter 2022 have a horror movie for every fan.
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Starring Bill Skarsgård and Georgina Campbell, Barbarian has a disquietingly simple premise. A young traveler finds a mysterious squatter in her Air B+B and, stranded without another option, spends the night with the enigmatic stranger. However, as anyone who has seen the trailer from the producers of Stephen King's It can attest, the story that unfolds is far from straightforward, involving underground labyrinths, hallucinatory imagery, and an atypically haggard-looking Justin Long. A nightmarish, surreal horror, Barbarian comes from Zach Cregger, a founding member of the legendary improv troupe The Whitest Kids U' Know, and early responses indicate the two-hander will be unpredictable, scary, twisted, and the "WTF movie of the year".
Dark Harvest has an appealingly weird, fairytale-esque story wherein the young boys of a remote rural community take part in an annual ritual where they face off against the legendary Sawtooth Jack. A supernatural nightmare, Sawtooth Jack is a specter that the town’s boys hunt (and are hunted by) every October, with the last survivor gaining the chance to leave the dead-end town. What makes this premise so promising is the news that David Slade, the director of supernatural horror movie 30 Days of Night (and the most underrated Twilight movie adaptation Eclipse) is returning to the big screen to shoot this one. As such, horror audiences can expect a compelling fusion of fantasy, gore, and tension upon Dark Harvest’s September arrival.
When Naomi Watts starred in 2008’s punishing Funny Games, many critics and fans of Michel Haneke’s intense 1997 original were shocked to discover that the disquieting horror was even more potent when re-shot in English. While Goodnight Mommy hasn’t held onto its original directorial team, this Austrian horror remake will hopefully see Watts once again prove that terror can cross any language barrier. The twisty story of two twin boys who suspect their mother is an impostor when she returns from a mysterious medical procedure, Goodnight Mommy promises to be as unsettling and shocking as its earlier iteration.
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Director Ti West’s retro slasher X receives a prequel in Pearl, a darkly comic horror set in 1918. The story of how the murderous anti-villain of X came into existence, Pearl will chart the title character’s gradual devolution from a sweet Southern girl into a monstrous killer. While X was a surprisingly sad (if unsurprisingly gruesome) treatise on aging and beauty, Pearl looks set to be a bloody, broader, and more cartoonish affair judging by the prequel’s bombastic trailer. Still, this one is guaranteed to have a tragic ending given the circumstances of Pearl’s story in X, so expect Pearl to juggle tones as haphazardly as its alternately elegiac and goofily gory predecessor.
Adapted from Grady Hendrix’s hit novel of the same name, My Best Friend’s Exorcism is a fusion of teen coming-of-age dramedy and a gruesome horror movie. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022’s under-used heroine Elsie Fisher will hopefully get a chance to utilize the naturalistic charm she displayed in Bo Burnham’s directorial debut as the heroine of My Best Friend’s Exorcism, a teenage girl trying to judge whether her best friend is going through normal hormonal nightmares or a full-blown demonic possession. Expect a satirical skewering of 80s horror tropes and teen movie clichés from My Best Friend’s Exorcism when the movie arrives in late September.
The long-awaited final grudge match between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers has been in the works since 1978. The final chapter of director David Gordon Green’s Halloween reboot trilogy, Halloween Ends will pick up a few years after the brutal ending of last year’s Halloween Kills. That pitiless sequel left Michael Myers seeming stronger than ever but, whether Halloween Ends bring back the franchise’s biggest twist, the conclusion of the long-running saga will finally bring a definitive end to the villain’s reign of terror. Whether Michael will take Jamie Lee Curtis’s Final Girl with him, however, remains to be seen. The franchise’s third iteration, Green’s trilogy began strong with 2018’s Halloween, which retconned every installment after John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 original. However, Halloween Kills was reasonably criticized for failing to advance the trilogy's story before the grand finale. Whether the Cult of Thorne, Silver Shamrock Novelties, or any other franchise lore will reappear in the final movie is not yet clear, but Halloween Ends will wrap up the series for good with its long-awaited arrival.
For horror audiences who crave something a little more subtle and atmospheric than Michael's last stand, Nanny offers a chilling story of immigrant exploitation as an undocumented childcare provider is plagued by an unseen supernatural presence. Rumored to be one of 2022’s strongest horror offerings, Nanny won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival before being acquired by Blumhouse for a massive $7 million in a tense bidding war with NEON and Sony Pictures Classics. Nanny follows the story of Aisha, a Senegalese nanny who is preparing for the arrival of the son she left in West Africa. As she works for a wealthy Manhattan couple, Aisha's life plunged into turmoil when a violent force unsettles her existence. Between the rave early reviews Nanny has received, its impressive price tag, and the movie's Sundance success, there is good reason to think that the 2022 horror movie could be among the year's best genre efforts.
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