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From new series to new seasons, here are the best TV series coming to Netflix in December 2022.
Netflix looks to end its stellar 2022 year with a bang. The streaming service plans on captivating subscribers once again thanks to new movies and TV series dropping throughout the month of December 2022. Indeed, month starts with the second and final season of Firefly Lane, a series based on a novel by Kristin Hannah, and the second season of My Unorthodox Life. For fans who love international TV series, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will also debut new episodes, starting December 9. The new animated series, Sonic Prime, and the new reality cooking show, Cook At All Costs, will find their way to your home screen mid-December.
Noah Centineo stars in and produced the new Netflix series, The Recruit, which will also premiere midway through December. In an article from Netflix Tudum reviewing the series, Centineo describes his character as dapper and daring, a CIA agent by day and a typical roommate by night. The third season of the rom-com series, Emily In Paris, will drop late-December, giving fans an update on their favorite main characters after the shocking cliffhanger left in the season 2 finale. To end the jam-packed month, a new spinoff series of The Witcher will drop. The Witcher: Blood Origin plans on giving a different and surprising look into how Witchers are made. From new series to new seasons, here's more on the best TV series coming to Netflix in December 2022
Firefly Lane returns for its second and final season on December 2. The series, which started in 2021, centers around Tully and Kate and their friendship through the decades. From their teens to their 40s, the pair goes through good and bad times together, including sickness, relationship drama, and of course, some jealousy. Katherine Heigl plays Tully Hart, while Sarah Chalke plays Kate Mularkey. Heigl is a producer of the show and was a huge advocate in getting the series adapted from book to screen. After almost two years since the first season aired in February 2021, fans will be excited to know that all eight episodes of the final season will release on the same day.
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My Unorthodox Life is one of a few reality TV series to hit Netflix this December. The series follows the personal and professional life of Julia Haart, who is a fashion mogul and former member of the Orthodox Jewish community. True to most reality TV series, fans describe the show as being over the top with obvious planned conflicts. However, they enjoyed the show enough to elicit a second season. Not much has been released on the series, but it can be expected that all episodes of the second season will air on December 2.
The second season of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will hit Netflix on December 9. The spinoff of the original Spanish-language series, Money Heist, uses the same idea of a genius strategist and his followers as the group plans a heist set in the Korean Peninsula. As can be guessed, this Korean series follows closely to the original and looks to continue the similarities during the second season. From romance between the characters to attempting to escape from the Mint, the second season looks to be as successful as the first. It's unknown at this time whether the series will air at once or will follow a new episode per week release schedule.
Sonic Prime is a new animated series featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. The 24-episode series will premiere on December 15, and boasts new action-adventure series for those ages seven and above. Sonic and Tails are back along with their friends in a new series where they once again find themselves in need to see the multiverse. While the series will differ from the current Sonic the Hedgehog films starring James Marsden, the new animated series bring Sonic back to its fully animated roots.
Fans of reality TV cooking shows can look forward to a new series called Cook at All Costs, which will air on December 16. In this new competition show, three home cooks will put $25K in their banks up for grabs as they battle it out in a high-stakes auction cooking competition. The basic premise surrounds fancy ingredients versus "humble" ingredients. The chefs will bid on the ingredients they want using the money in their banks to make an appetizing dish. Guest celebrity chefs will judge the completed dishes as the home chefs battle it out to win whatever is left over from their $25,000.
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New CIA lawyer Owen Hendricks, played by Noah Centino, finds himself amidst a world of power politics in Netflix's new series, The Recruit. During his first week on the job, Owen gets entangled in a battle between the CIA and a former asset who plans to expose the agency and her long-term relationship with them. The series will include an everyday guy turned tough CIA lawyer as his world is turned upside down. The first season of the new action-adventure series will feature eight episodes all airing on December 16, and promises to be as funny as it is action-packed.
After leaving fans wondering if Emily is following Sylvie in leaving Savoir, the same fans can be excited to know that this question, along with many others will be answered on December 21, when the third season of Emily in Paris returns. Other questions of whether Emily will try long distance with Alfie, or suffer watching Camille and Gabriel getting back together, look to be answered, along with what's in store for Emily's best friend Mindy as she navigates her new singing career, family issues, and possible boyfriend. The quirky series will release all the episodes of the third season on December 21.
The new spinoff limited series of The Witcher will close out Netflix's huge month. The Witcher: Blood Origin looks into the origin of the first Witcher, which was created in an Elven World some 1200 years before Geralt. The six-episode limited series will act as a prequel to the original series and will take a deeper look into how the conjunction of spheres or the merging of the worlds of monsters, men, and elves came to be one. All episodes of the limited series will air on December 25.
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