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From the last episodes of Shantaram to the premiere of Little America season 2, here are the best TV series coming to AppleTV+ in December 2022.
Throughout 2022, AppleTV+ has continued to draw in (and keep) new subscribers with their ever-changing and exciting titles, lots of which stream exclusively on the platform. Indeed, it was a big year for the streamer, especially with the Apple original movie CODA winning the Oscar for Best Picture and making history in the process. AppleTV+'s catalog continues to grow, and lots of projects across mediums and genres are consistently being commissioned as originals.
When it comes to TV series, AppleTV+ is arguably on its own level. With older favorites like The Morning Show still going strong and newer hits like Severance garnering critical acclaim, the selection of TV series to watch is as exciting as ever. December 2022 will be no different, offering a mix of continuations of already-streaming shows like Shantaram and season premieres of beloved tites like Little America. Each title feel fresh most of all, and they are sure to provide hours of entertainment throughout the festive season. Here are the best TV series coming to AppleTV+ in December 2022.
Shantaram is a drama thriller created by Eric Warren Singer and Steve Lightfoot, based on the novel of the same name by Gregory David Roberts. The plot is inspired by events from Robert’s own life, telling the story of a bank robber from Australia named Dale (played Charlie Hunnam), who escapes torture and beating in Australia by feeing to Bombay, India. He changes his identity and lives his life as a wanted man. The series began airing in October 2022, and will air its final episodes next month, starting December 2.
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Acapulco is a Spanish/ English-language comedy series that was inspired by 2017’s How to Be a Latin Lover. The first season premiered in October 2021, and centers around Maximo, who is hired at Acapulco’s top hotel, which was his dream job; however, he quickly learns there is more to it than he initially thought. The series was well received, and the second season premiered on October 21 this year. Viewers can tune into the series, which will continue into next month, beginning December 2.
Mythic Quest is a comedy series created by Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney. The series premiered in 2020 and follows a fictional video game studio that produces a game called Mythic Quest. The series has been very popular, and the second season premiered in May 2021, continuing the adventures of the games' creators. The third season premiered on November 11 and is set to continue through December and January for viewers to enjoy for the festive season,
Echo 3 is an upcoming thriller television series that is much anticipated due to its creation by two-time Academy Award-winner Mark Boal (via The New York Times). The series has both Spanish and English dialogue, and is set in South America, pairing personal drama against the backdrop of a secret war. The story follows Amber, played by Jessica Ann Collins, an American scientist who disappears to Colombia, and her brother (Luke Evans) and husband's (Michiel Huisman) joint attempt to locate her. The series premiered on November 23rd and will continue through December and January, starting December 2.
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The Mosquito Coast is a drama series developed by Neil Cross and Tom Bissell, based on the 1981 novel by Paul Theroux. The series features stars Justin Theroux, nephew of Paul, and Melissa George in lead roles, following a man who uproots his family to the Caribbean in an attempt to escape the capitalism that he feels is suffocating the USA. The second season premiered in November, and is set to continue through December and January, starting December 2.
Slow Horses is a spy thriller series based on the novels by Mick Herron. The first season premiered on Apple TV+ in April of this year, and the second season is set to premiere December 2. The series follows a British MI5 officer named River Cartwright who has been exiled to Slough House, an admin center after he botched a mission in an embarrassing and public way. Gary Oldman stars in a leading role as the head of Slough House, and we are excited to see what's in store for the second season.
Little America is an anthology series produced for Apple TV+, which premiered in 2020 and received excellent reviews upon its release. The series comes from the director of CODA, the Oscar-winning success story, and tells the story of immigrants in America. The second season is set to debut on December 9th and will surely be as moving as the first.
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