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Not ready for Christmas movies? Here are ten wonderfully weird Thanksgiving horror movies you can watch this holiday season.
With Halloween behind us, you might think it's time to jump into Christmas mode. However, there's still one holiday left in between — Thanksgiving. Instead of the usual holiday movies or watching football, why not change things up by watching a Thanksgiving horror movie?
Even more than scary Christmas movies, Thanksgiving horror movies often tend to be pretty silly and ridiculous. Thus, here is a list of the top 10 wonderfully stupid and entertaining Thanksgiving horror movies you can watch this holiday.
An alien invasion during Thanksgiving dinner? What else could you ask for? In this found-footage take on The McPherson Tape, the members of a family fight for their lives as they are hunted down by extraterrestrials. It's set on Thanksgiving Day and follows the men of a family who accidentally stumble upon aliens in the woods while investigating a power outage. Unfortunately, the aliens are not about to let them head back home alone. Armed with a video camera, one boy captures what ensues during the family dinner.
A made-for-TV movie with documentary-style cinematography, Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County is a fun and surprisingly convincing account that will keep you wondering until the end. This is a great choice if you're looking for a watch that jumps right into the action.
Another film that's set on Thanksgiving but not necessarily Thanksgiving-specific is Boogeyman. Starring Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, and Lucy Lawless, this supernatural horror follows a young man, Tim, who returns to his childhood home to find out the truth about his father's disappearance. Was it the Boogeyman who took him? Or did he leave willingly? Tim discovers the truth as he is forced to confront his dark and dangerous past. After strange things happen around him, he begins to think that perhaps the creature is real and that what he saw as a child is true.
Boogeyman is an eerie and suspenseful movie with some strong performances from its cast. It's a great choice for those looking for a more psychological type of horror with jump scares and an unsettling atmosphere.
For those with a healthy appetite for bloody slasher movies, then Blood Rage is the perfect Thanksgiving horror movie. Starring Louise Lasser and Mark Soper, this film follows two fraternal twins that are separated after one commits a brutal murder. One of the twins, Todd, is sent to a mental institution but escapes years later during Thanksgiving dinner. This leads to a massacre as the twin sets out on a killing spree.
Blood Rage is a fun and gory slasher flick with plenty of over-the-top death scenes. It's a great choice for those looking for an old-school horror experience with no shortage of violence and a dash of dark humor.
This award-winning movie follows a group of college students who decide to stay on campus over Thanksgiving weekend. Over the break, they decide to try and hold a séance to communicate with the ghost of a little girl that's been haunting their dorm. Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for as the spirit of the little girl's killer starts to haunt the group.
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This ghost story is big on tension and suspense and is a great pick if you're looking for atmospheric horror. Séancehas some great cinematography that really captures the eeriness of the situation. The gore is kept to a minimum and relies more on jump scares to keep viewers engaged.
Don't want to commit to a full-length movie this Thanksgiving? Check out Eli Roth's short trailer, Thanksgiving. During this short sneak peek of the unmade film, viewers are introduced to 'The Pilgrim,' a serial killer out for blood on Thanksgiving Day. There's blood, over-the-top violence, and of course, a whole lot of Thanksgiving cheer.
This trailer was one of several featured in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse. Unfortunately, it was never made into a full film, but it's still worth checking out if you're looking for something short and sweet.
This 2021 horror comedy stars the iconic Bruce Campbell and Devin Sawa as store employees facing a rush on Black Friday. The only problem is the customers are flesh-eating zombies! This horror-comedy offers up plenty of laughs and gore and is a great choice for those looking for something more modern. There's no shortage of blood and gore, but it's well-complimented by Campbell's incredible performance.
Black Friday is a fun movie, but it received mixed reviews due to its lack of character development and weak script. It's still worth a watch if you're looking for something outside the box this Thanksgiving.
Pilgrim is part of the horror anthology series Into the Dark from Blumhouse and Hulu. Each entry focuses on a holiday, and Pilgrim takes Thanksgiving as its theme. It follows a family who hosts a group of Thanksgiving re-enactors at their home for the holiday dinner. However, they soon discover the re-enactors are more serious about the role than they appear, and things start to get out of hand.
There are several underlying themes in the film and a haunting score that really adds to the atmosphere. The cast is filled with talented actors, and there are plenty of creepy moments. Pilgrim isn't perfect, but it's still worth watching if you're in the mood for a modern horror movie.
This 2014 slasher follows a college student who stays behind on her college campus during Thanksgiving. After leaving a friend's party, she finds herself being stalked by a group of mysterious strangers. As the movie progresses, the audience discovers these strangers have something sinister in store for Kristy.
Kristyis a tense movie that builds suspense throughout. The movie is filled with jump-scares and a cat-and-mouse style tension between the stalkers and Kristy. It's a great pick if you're looking for a thriller with some classic horror elements.
This 1981 slasher is set during Thanksgiving and follows a group set to enjoy holiday dinner with friends on their ranch. However, escaped mental patient Jay Jones also has plans to spend the holiday on the ranch. As the night progresses, he unleashes terror on the unsuspecting guests.
Home Sweet Home is an average slasher that lacks blood and gore but has some scenes that make up for the dull moments. It's an entertaining movie, and the main antagonist is an interesting villain.
Perhaps the weirdest and downright most ridiculous Thanksgiving horror movie is ThanksKilling. This 2008 slasher follows a group of teenagers on their way home for the Thanksgiving break. However, a homicidal turkey is also on the loose and has his sights set on them. The satire is over-the-top, and the demonic turkey "Turkie" is a vulgar villain.
If you're in the mood for something a bit out of the ordinary, then ThanksKilling is worth checking out. It's not a masterpiece and teeters on the edge of being too much, but it's entertaining nonetheless as a gory bit of self-aware fun.
For those who want to watch something a bit different this Thanksgiving, there are plenty of horror movies that take the holiday as their theme. From slashers to comedies, there's something for everyone.
Katie Cusson is a writer and horror film fanatic from New England.


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