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We’re heading into the final months of 2022 so what better time to reflect on the year to date and the best movies we’ve enjoyed.
There’s still plenty of great movies coming to cinemas and streaming platforms this year, so this isn’t a definitive list by any means, and we’ll update once the year is up.
So without further ado, here’s the best movies of 2022 so far and how you can watch them if you haven’t seen them yet or just fancy a rewatch.
(Note: There’s no preferential order to the below, it’s just in order of which movie has been released most recently in the UK, and if a movie hasn’t been released in the UK yet, there’s no place for it here… yet.)
There’s genuine heart in I Used to Be Famous and even the stoniest among us will be moved.
Netflix might offer splashier outings to watch this year, but I Used to Be Famous deserves to be front of stage.
Watch now: Netflix
Much like the mystery that underpins the story, See How They Run is much more than a British Knives Out.
Yes, it’s stylish and yes, it’s funny, but director Tom George and writer Mark Chappell craft an unexpectedly heartfelt and meta-movie about what it means to tell a story.
Watch now: Cinemas
While Nope might not hold together as well as Jordan Peele’s previous two movies, there’s no denying it’s a singular experience that’s hard to forget.
With excellent performances across the board, Nope delivers numerous striking sequences and leaves plenty to discuss once the credits roll.
Watch now: Prime Video | iTunes | Microsoft Store
We’d say Prey was the best Predator movie since the original, but that feels like damning it with faint praise.
It’s a terrific movie in its own right that revitalises the franchise by stripping it back to basics.
Watch now: Disney+
Unlike Pride and Prejudice, the goal at the end isn’t marriage – but it isn’t a flat out condemnation of the practice, either.
What Fire Island does is afford space to everyone to pursue the relationships that make them happy, fulfilled, and above all else, whole.
Watch now: Disney+
Top Gun: Maverick is the rare sequel that will appeal to the fans of the original and to those who think back upon the 1986 classic with a vague shrug.
It has just enough hat-tipping sentimentality (from the ’80s needle-drops to the sepia wash) for that serotonin kick, but not so much that you feel pulled down by the weight of nostalgia.
Watch now: Prime Video | iTunes | Microsoft Store
Everything Everywhere All At Once is a movie that’s filled with the infinite possibilities of the multiverse, but ends up deciding that no, actually this universe is the one we’ve got – and that’s all right with us.
Don’t let this movie be one of your ‘what ifs’. You need it in your life.
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By all accounts, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent should never work as well as it does.
But by managing to do exactly what you think it will in a much smarter way than you’d expect, it ends up being one of the year’s most entertaining movies.
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The Northman reveals that, really, we have not changed so much in thousands of years; we, too, spend our lives howling at the moon and raging against the invisible hand that guides us to our eventual deaths.
Time and space may have moved forward, but we as people are still bound to each other and those deepest, darkest, best parts of our nature rule us more than we might care to admit.
Watch now: Prime Video | iTunes | Microsoft Store
Trauma and identity and death and uncertainty are explored and illustrated through director Joachim Trier’s unmistakeable lens in The Worst Person in the World.
It shows how we are mosaics of the best and worst parts of our pasts, even when looking inwardly is painful and seems to drive us further away from ourselves. But these things are not bludgeons to beat you with, rather they are simply imbued through every decision Julie makes and every turn the movie takes.
Watch now: Prime Video
With plenty of visual style and two superb lead performances, Fresh is a surprising and twisted treat of a thriller that you won’t want to miss.
It won’t lose its impact if you know exactly what’s in store, but there’s no doubt you’ll get more from it by going in with… fresh eyes.
Watch now: Disney+
Turning Red stands proudly as one of Pixar’s most diverse movies to date.
Thanks to Domee Shi and its cast, it offers buckets of charm and beautiful visuals wrapped in a heartfelt and entertaining coming-of-age story.
Watch now: Disney+
It’s easy to get Batman wrong, but Matt Reeves never even threatens to do so.
The Batman is an enthralling, chilling and fresh new take on the iconic DC hero that’ll leave you desperate for another visit to this impeccably-crafted world.
Watch now: Prime Video | iTunes | Microsoft Store
Visually, Kimi is engrossing and fresh. Narratively, it is compelling without being confusing. Its performances are controlled but highly emotive.
In these ways, Steven Soderbergh has made a film that truly feels unique even within the bounds of its genre, pushing them just enough.
Watch now: Prime Video | iTunes | Microsoft Store
I Want You Back is genuinely funny in a way that doesn’t rely on sitcom scenarios.
Even when you think the film is going to lean into the absurd it pulls back at just the right moment, keeping itself grounded.
Watch now: Prime Video
Mass might not seem like something you’d want to put yourself through, but you’d be missing out on an extraordinary movie.
It’s a moving, thought-provoking and powerful drama with four of the strongest performances you’re likely to see this year.
Watch now: Sky Cinema
Scream was arguably never really going to live up to its namesake, yet the new movie recaptures the spirit of Wes Craven’s classic and its winning blend of horror and humour.
Do you like scary movies? If it’s this one, we very much do.
Watch now: Prime Video | iTunes | Microsoft Store | Paramount+
We know that your instant reaction to The Electrical Life of Louis Wain could be that it’s just another biopic with Benedict Cumberbatch, especially as he’s no stranger to playing real-life roles.
However, the reality is that it’s a singular biopic that charms and entertains you, before breaking your heart and leaving a lasting impression.
Watch now: Prime Video | iTunes | Microsoft Store


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