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Out with the old and in with the new. Here’s to the best flicks leaving Netflix in February 2023.
Netflix is home to a veritable selection of top-tier movies across genres. So whether the viewer is a drama seeker, hapless romantic, adventurer, or lover of all things cinematic, Netflix meets the need. But nothing last forever. Even a menu of the choicest selections is subject to change.
New beginnings often indicate a time of refreshment. And a time of refreshing applies to all things, including streaming services. So with the coming of a new month, Netflix will be refreshing their queues, and viewers will be saying their goodbyes to some film favorites. Here are some of the best flicks leaving Netflix in February 2023.
Seeing the good guys win in a world where conflict is commonplace is therapeutic. And nothing soothes the soul like a great film where the human hero takes down an unearthly foe. Battle: Los Angeles checks that box and much more. This 2011 Jonathan Liebesman film depicts an all-out showdown between the US military forces and extraterrestrials. An alien invasion threatens human existence, but as it is often portrayed, they have underestimated the strength of human will. Battle: Los Angeles is a welcome 1:56-minute flick full of intense edge-of-your-seat moments. It calls out to the fighter, patriot, survivor, and human in its viewing audience. It is a reminder of the power of unification around a common cause.
Unfortunately, Battle: Los Angeles will be departing Netflix on February 1s. That leaves a limited time for viewers to re-watch humanity take down one of its biggest threats.
Sylvester Stallone made his on-screen debut in the 1969 film The Square Root, slowly working his way up to a premiere action hero. Over time, he became so widely recognized for his roles in action films that in 2010 IGN inducted him into their Action Hero Hall of Fame. And Readers Digest named Stallone as one of the "16 Action Figures Over 50 and Killing It." Finally, in 2019 at 73 years of age, Stallone reprised his role in the final installment of the iconic Rambo franchise, Rambo: Last Blood. And it was classic Stallone. The only difference, this time, he is retired.
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Nevertheless, some unfortunate events force John Rambo out of his life of leisure. And he's got no choice but to show his foes what he's made of. Through tactical strategy and expert combat skills, John proves he's still got it! Rambo is not the man to be messed with. However, January 31 is the last day to watch Stallone's theoretical last hoorah as John. Rambo: Last Blood is set to leave Netflix on February 1.
Years after George Clooney was a filthy rich superhero, a savvy member of the ultimate heist team, and a dreamy doctor, he became a ruthless businessman. In Up in the Air Clooney is Ryan Bingham. He is the man to avoid at all costs. Bingham makes his living as the human axeman. Traveling around the world to relieve people of their jobs is his bag. He loves what he does until life throws him a couple of curveballs.
This movie is a powerful film with the potential to invoke an emotional tsunami. As Rolling Stone notes, "Up in the Air, a transporting comedy from slump-resistant director Jason Reitman, jet fuels the Oscar race, rattles with romantic turbulence, rumbles with the terror of living in a cratering economy, and takes a never-better George Clooney on the ride of his acting life." So for those who not only love everything Clooney but are up for an emotional ride, catch Up in the Air one more time on Netflix before it departs on February 1.
Rambo (2008) was the fourth in the series of films about the rough and tumble-mercenary John, played by Sylvester Stallone. 1985's Rambo: First Blood Part II was Stallone's introduction as John and the film that would set up his success as a franchise great. However, the 1985 film was far from the greatest in the collection, at least in the eyes of Stallone. According to Stallone, Rambo (2008) is one of his greatest films. As an enlightened Stallone told The Hollywood Reporter, "Rambo IV — was one film he was truly proud of — it's the best action film he's ever done because it's the most truthful." Only a few more weeks remain for those who want to see Stallone in what he credits as one of his best films. Rambo leaves the streamer on February 1.
Concerning espionage and intelligent super-spies, Sean Connery is the iconic muse. He is known for introducing the world to the James Bond franchise and setting the tone for what characterizes great spy films. And he perfected the role of the intelligent debonair super sleuth. His portrayal as Bond throughout seven franchise films put him on the radar as everyone's favorite spy.
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However, the Bond series would not be the only film wherein Connery would leave an indelible imprint. Connery's role as Marko Ramius in The Hunt for Red October solidified his Midas touch. According to Slash Films, Connery owned his role, "From day one, he made it clear to everyone on set that this was his movie." And in one of his most gripping performances, he made every watcher believe what he could deliver. As a result, Hollywood In TOTO notes, "Red October was a surprise blockbuster during its 1990 release, as it opened in early March but performed like a summer movie." But no great movie streams forever, and The Hunt for Red October is slated to leave Netflix on February 1.
The Paper Tigers is a 2020 film, a cocktail of martial arts, action, and comedy directed by Quoc Bao Tran, starring Alain Uy (Danny), Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Jim), and Ron Yuan (Hing). The film made its debut on the streaming platform in August 2021 and was a hit. It is the irresistibly charming story of three lovable, washed-up middle-aged men who kick-butt using Kung-fu. However, such is a skill they must regain, having lost who they are due to aging and growing apart.
Finally, it is rediscovered as they set out on a quest to avenge their master Sifu Cheung. It was a revivalist feature reawakening hope, championing re-discovery, and showing the strength of remembering who you are. And Uy, Jenkins, and Yuan told the story well. Variety notes, "The three leads summon lovely chemistry, re-creating a dorky-kid dynamic in later life that feels like the perfect summation of the film's almost Spielbergian belief that at ten years of age, we are our best and truest selves." However, for those who missed this warm-hearted feature, February 4 will be the last day to watch these unlikely masters kick into action.


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