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As we continue through fall and into November, it’s still a great time to get cozy and watch some of these wild upcoming horror movies from Shudder.
The streaming platform Shudder gives you unlimited access to some of the most spine-tingling movies. Founded in 2015, it’s now probably the best streaming services for all things horror, with unmissable exclusives and originals. Even though we're passing Halloween, the cold weather and barren trees means Fall is still a perfect time to get comfortably cozy and start streaming some of the best horror flicks. Here’s a look at some of the best movies on Shudder in November.
The blood-splattered horror comedy Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell is known as “The Japanese Evil Dead,” which should already be enough to attract a new cult following — the idea of Sam Raimi horror mixed with chilling Japanese horror is exhilarating. We follow Shinji, a beefy body builder who goes to meet his ex-girlfriend who wants him to accompany her in researching a haunted house.
Together with a professional psychic, they head to an abandoned house which harbors dark secrets. They must survive a blood-soaked night with a demonic ghost who holds a 30-year grudge. Shinji must save himself and his friends, but will he succeed? Like its title, this is a ridiculous, hilarious, violently over-the-top classic.
Anna and the Apocalypse is a 2017 British Christmas zombie musical film — that description alone should clue you in to what it's like, but it's even better than you'd imagine. We follow Anna and her friends the night before Christmas when a zombie apocalypse threatens their sleepy town of Little Haven in Scotland.
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The group of teenagers (who seem like the most talented drama/band kids you've ever met) have to fight, slash, and sing their way to survival and join their loved ones hiding out at the local high school. With the holiday season approaching, streaming this quaint, funny, catchy, and surprisingly thoughtful film is a must for Christmas and horror fans alike.
The classic yet still underrated 1982 horror film Alone in the Dark follows a group of maniacs who escape their secluded mental institute after a power outage sends the town in to chaos. Now free to roam the streets, the maniacs go on the hunt for their new doctor in order to avenge the death of their former therapist. Led by the wonderful Donald Pleasance, Martin Landau, and Jack Palance, the film is a great showcase for some iconic actors to have a whole lot of weird fun.
Satan’s Slaves: Communion is the terrifying sequel to the original Satan’s Slaves, which itself was a remake of a classic 1980 film, and all titles have been crucial to the identity of Indonesian horror. Joko Anwar's new films have been critically acclaimed internationally, and Satan's Slaves: Communion has already become the third-highest grossing Indonesian film of all time, even before its international release.
Viewers will follow the Suwono family after having escaped the terrifying evil cult in the first film. There's something about cults that we seem to find extremely fascinating, and we can never get enough of their creepy, disturbing rituals. After leaving their home to take refuge in a block of flats they believe will be the safest place, they soon discover that not knowing your neighbors can be just as dangerous.
After 20 years in jail, killer ‘Bloody’ Mary Laidlaw is being let back into society. In Mandrake, Mary's probation officer, Cathy Madden, is passionate about her job and is tasked with rehabilitating the notorious killer and bringing her back into society, but is she right in believing that Mary deserves redemption? After two children disappear close to Mary’s farm, Cathy's beliefs about Mary are firmly tested. Can Mary actually be rehabilitated, or have the murderous urges set in?
Due to premiere on Friday the 13th, we already know this horror film is going to be generating some unlucky vibes. Directed by Nyla Innuksuk, the fun and entertaining Slash/Back finds an alien invasion infiltrating the quiet, idyllic village of Pangnitrtun. Maika and her friends soon discover that it’s not a typical summer day, having to build and use makeshift weapons to avenge and destroy the aliens that are threatening their hometown. As much as the aliens want to terrorize everyone that gets in their way, they soon realize they’re messing with the wrong girls. Even if you're not a sci-fi or horror fan, it's a delight to see an Inuit filmmaker make a movie in her own community.
Braving the desolate New Jersey Pine Barrens, a group of enthusiastic TV producers are determined to deliver a live broadcast on The Jersey Devil, a mythical and horrifying legendary monster. However just a few days later, only one of the team makes it out alive and quickly becomes the prime suspect in the deaths of his colleagues, and is sentenced to life in prison.
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Just one year on, filmmaker David Leigh decides to mount his own investigation and after examining footage found at the scene, he arrives at a totally different, sinister conclusion. The Last Broadcast is an obscure classic which helped invent and perfect the found footage horror genre before The Blair Witch Project was ever released.
Blood Relatives is a charming vampire tale following Francis, a 115-year-old misanthropic vampire who loves to roam the American backroads by himself. He wishes to lead a peaceful and solitary life, but his plan is thrown into confusion when a teenager shows up claiming to be his daughter. What follows is an odd road trip movie that twists the usual vampire myth and family drama narratives, with Noah Segan becoming a triple-threat as writer, director, and star.
Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It is a bonkers comedy-horror film that follows Dastan, who is fed up of the constant nagging from his heavily pregnant wife, so he decides to escape just for one day. With a couple of his friends, Dastan heads out on a fishing trip which very quickly spirals out of control when a series of unforeseen events begin when they witness a mob hit in the forest.
The events take them on an insane, violent, and irreversible misadventure. Dastan might have wished that he stayed at home with his wife instead in this wild (and wildly entertaining) movie which shines a spotlight on Kazakhstan's industry (and mafia).
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