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With a handful of exciting new documentaries and a large amount of classic franchises, these movies are arriving on HBO just in time for the holidays.
November will start with a bang as the holiday season kicks off in full swing. HBO Max has a fresh catalog of movies coming to the service this month, perfect for a cozy movie night at home. With old classics ready to watch, whole franchises that you can binge, and even a few new Christmas additions, there’s plenty here waiting for you to enjoy.
This month also seems to be popular for new releases, as HBO Max is introducing several new documentaries, some direct-to-video movies that will stream for the first time here, and even a couple of original movies. Keep an eye out all month for these releases, as there's sure to be something you wouldn't want to miss.
One of the biggest sci-fi franchises of all time, Star Trek has several different iterations in both movies and TV. HBO Max will be bringing 11 of the Star Trek movies to the service — the six from the original movie series, and the four in the Next Generation series. Follow the different stories surrounding the Enterprise, a space-faring ship that explores many strange new worlds and everything the cosmos holds, both good and bad. With variations in the crew members and storylines throughout both series, there are many stories to tell about this ship, and HBO Max has arguably the best of them.
Originally a short story published by National Lampoon, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is just one of many movies in this series. This classic holiday movie has made its way into a lot of pop culture, so it’s no surprise HBO Max has got its hands on it for the holiday season.
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Enjoy watching the misadventures of the Griswold family, led by Chevy Chase in his inimitable prime during Christmastime. They suffer through many accidents and embarrassing moments, sometimes even ones that seem next to impossible to actually happen in real life. Once they find out all of their relatives want to come visit for the holidays, however, their life gets even crazier with a house full of people who keep getting in each other’s way.
Director David Fincher's neo-noir crime movie Se7en tells the story of two detectives partnering up to hunt down a serial killer whose motives mirror the seven deadly sins. The first two murders, gluttony and greed, happen before Somerset and Mills are put on the case, but clues at the scenes of the murders do lead them to the third victim, representing sloth, before he dies. He is in critical condition and can’t answer any of their questions, but they do find photographic evidence at the third crime scene that shows these crimes were planned far in advance. Knowing there are still other murders before the sins are completed, Somerset and Mills try everything they can to catch him and save his other victims.
After a brief disappearance from the service, all eight Harry Potter movies are returning to HBO Max at a great time, as these films always seemed most appropriate during the holiday season. Relive the franchise and follow Harry’s story through the joys and perils of the wizarding world.
During his school years at Hogwarts, life is never normal as he learns how to properly control and use his magic, and has to deal with a new threat each and every year as dark forces that once made the wizarding world cower in fear slowly begin to regain their power as they look for an opportunity to return. Luckily, Harry has plenty of friends who are more than willing to help him out even in the toughest, most dangerous situations.
Say Hey, Willie Mays! is a documentary about the life of Major League Baseball icon Willie Mays. With exclusive interviews from Mays himself and some of his family, the sports documentary includes details about Mays’ life from on and off the field moments during this ever-changing time in American history, both on and off the field. As a prominent figure in baseball but also of the American Dream, there’s a lot to learn about his life, especially from his own perspective, and the perspective of those closest to him. If you like history or baseball, Say Hey, Willie Mays! will be a surefire home run.
The documentary Master of Light explores the story of George Anthony Morton, a classical painter who has spent several years in prison for drug dealing. While there, he focused on bettering himself and honed in on his artistic skills. After his release and return to his hometown of Kansas City, he begins to paint portraits of his family members in order to try and heal and figure out where he can now fit in society.
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Learn his story and how he’s navigated the hardships of life as an ex-con and other issues with racial injustice and intergenerational trauma. After being showcased at several film festivals this year and winning many of the top awards, and maintaining a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score, it’s time to share it with the world. It’s not something you’re going to want to miss.
Set your calendars for November 17th, for that’s when A Christmas Story Christmas, the sequel to the classic holiday film A Christmas Story, will finally release. It's been nearly 40 years, and with very little details revealed, the return of Peter Billingsley in his starring role as Ralphie (along with a few other actors reprising their roles) is very exciting.
Ralphie is now an adult with kids of his own, finding himself in a hard spot in his life, struggling with his career and not quite where he wants to be. He brings his kids back to his old house on Cleveland street after the passing of his dad, reconnecting with childhood friends and giving his kids a magical Christmas like the ones he had as a kid.
The popular music artist Lizzo is the subject of a documentary about her own life this month, titled Love, Lizzo. It will explore her journey into the music industry and how popular she became by being herself. Starting from her humble beginnings all the way into present day, witness her inspirational story and see more of the moments that shaped her fame, but from her perspective.
It takes a lot of hard work to become as much of a success as she is, all while maintaining her own body positivity and refusing to cave in to structural standards of self-image, and she just wants to share the love with her fans that have helped her reach this point and been with her every step of the way. Love, Lizzo is sure to be a heartwarming good time.
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