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Between holiday specials, a celebration of Mickey Mouse, and some great new documentaries, there’s a lot to watch on Disney+ in November.
November can be a tricky time for movies. It's a transitional period after spooky season, but some proclaim it is too early for Christmas content. After Halloween ends, pumpkins and skeletons slowly change into autumn leaves and snow. Luckily, Disney+ has all kinds of content ready to release this month: documentaries, holiday specials, and regular TV episodes. With all the new titles becoming available, there is sure to be something for everyone. Here are the upcoming movies to be released on Disney+ to fill your November.
Soccer (or British football) may have made David Beckham famous, but his character, fashion sense, and other talents have kept him in the limelight. This cinematic four-part documentary will follow David Beckham as he gives back to his childhood community. The heartwarming series shows this world-class star teaching and mentoring young boys in the need of some extra help. Viewers can hope that the series will not only pull at the heartstrings, but also give some insider tips into charity work and the sport.
Almost everyone wishes that they had Mary Poppins for a nanny. With her flying umbrella and bottomless bag of tricks, Mary Poppins strikes the perfect balance between fun and discipline. In her attempts to teach the children, she usually has an unexpectedly profound impact on the parents as well.
The music and dancing remains one of the film's most charming attributes. Even though the film has been on Disney+ for a long time, next month's Mary Poppins Returns sing-along emphasizes the magic of music. It may not be the best way to watch the film for the first time, but this new version does provide an entertaining way for long term fans to jump into one of their favorite films. With Thanksgiving break coming for schools, this version also makes for a great family activity over the vacation.
National Geographic fans and rom-com fans alike are looking forward to the critically acclaimed documentary (narrated by the great Miranda July) Fire of Love. The film tells the story of a couple of married scientists (volcanologists) who study volcanic explosions. The dramatic story of their scientific and romantic passion is backed up with beautiful images of volcanic eruptions. The film seems likely to make nature fans of romantics and romantics of nature lovers. There will be plenty of other great National Geographic documentaries released on Disney+ in November as well.
Mickey Mouse has become far more than just a children's cartoon. The character stands as a symbol for the Disney Company and sometimes Walt Disney himself. Sometimes Mickey is vilified as a symbol of corporation corruption and other times he stands as a beacon of hope to children all over the world.
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The new documentary Mickey: The Story of a Mouse attempts to tell Mickey's story from the beginning. The story is sure to show both the evolution of the character and the company Mickey represents. The production team promises interviews with big-name animators and even a new hand-drawn short. Regardless of how viewers feel about the mouse, we know The Story of a Mouse is sure to be a heartwarming and educational experience.
Back in 2007 Enchanted captivated audiences hearts with its fairy tale satire. Complete with fun sing-alongs, captivating actors (like Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey), and a barrel of laughs, Enchanted remains a fan-favorite Disney movie to this day.
In the new sequel Disenchanted, Giselle finds herself wishing for the fairy tale life she left behind in the first movie. As she taps into a little magic, Giselle warps reality and her own nature. In this film Amy Adams gets the chance to play an unraveling villain as well as a charming princess. Fans of the original Enchanted can look forward to more sing-alongs and fairy tale twists.
No one venue could possibly hold all of Elton John's fans, but thanks to Disney+ people from all over the world can tune in to celebrate his career on November 20, 2022. The man has had an inspiring career with classic hits, his own movie (Rocketman), and even more accomplishments. Dodgers stadium, where John started his career, will also be the place where he finishes it with his proposed retirement. Dedicated fans can even tune in early to watch a countdown of the event.
Disney+ already houses many Mickey Christmas specials. The new Mickey Saves Christmas is unique, though, because of its stop-motion animation. Mickey's loyal dog Pluto also plays a bigger role in this film. After Pluto loses Santa's presents, Mickey and the gang must travel to the North Pole to save Christmas.
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Along the way they will learn valuable lessons about each other and the true purpose of the holiday. This movie is released just in time to watch in coordination with the new documentary about Mickey Mouse and in preparation for the holiday season.


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