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AMC+ is having a busy time of year as The Walking Dead prepares to end in November, but they’ve made room for some great new movies to watch.
AMC+ has been building an empire from the ground up since it debuted in 2020. In just two years, they've amassed 10.8 million subscribers, and while that's a small fraction of massive, long-time streaming services like Netflix, it's impressive, especially with its consistent growth (they grew 157% in one quarter alone).
October and November are big times for AMC, with their flagship series The Walking Dead finishing up its 11th and final season. AMC+ is pulling out all the stops, not only streaming the entirety of The Walking Dead but also providing featurettes, chat shows, and documentaries about the series. Additionally, AMC+ is home to great titles from Shudder, IFC Films, Sundance TV, BBC America, and more, so there is always something to watch, including a few excellent, exclusive films. These are the best movies coming to AMC+ in November.
Filmmaker Claire Denis rocked 2022 with two captivating romance films, the abstract Stars at Noon and the more grounded relationship drama Both Sides of the Blade (or Avec amour et acharnement in French, meaning With Love and Fury). The film features the inimitable Juliette Binoche as Sara, a woman whose relationship with her husband of many years (Vincent Lindon) is still full of passion and romance. When she runs into an old ex-boyfriend, though, she begins questioning her marriage. The film won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the revered Berlin International Film Festival.
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Jim Mahoney (the writer behind Klaus, but also delightful as Brosk in The Orville) writes and directs Bar Fight! The film follows a vicious break-up between Nina (Melissa Fumero, aka the lovable Amy Santiago in Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Allen (the very underrated Luka Jones, who was so funny yet touching in the series People of Earth). In the process of dividing up everything they own, they turn to their local bar, sending it and their friends into chaos as sides are chosen. The film also features the wonderful Rachel Bloom, co-creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
Murder at Yellowstone City is an extremely entertaining and original western directed by Richard Gray, and is almost like a star-studded cross between a Wild West thriller and an Agatha Christie murder mystery. The film follows the trope of a stranger riding into town, though throws a racial twist on it. When a murder occurs in the small city, the townsfolk begin to suspect the stranger, while others side with him.
Related: Exclusive: Thomas Jane Discusses the Western Mystery Murder at Yellowstone CityMurder at Yellowstone City has an amazing ensemble cast (including Isaiah Mustafa, Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane, Richard Dreyfuss, Nat Wolff, Anna Camp, and more), with each actor having enough time to make their character uniquely shine through. Jane and Dreyfuss in particular are wonderful here; the former plays the town's preacher, and the latter the erudite owner of the bar.
Long-time actor Noah Segan becomes a triple threat with Blood Relatives (not to be confused with the '70s Claude Chabrol film), which he writes, directs, and stars in. Segan plays a misanthropic, solitary vampire who must reevaluate his life when a teenage girl shows up claiming to be his daughter. Blood Relatives is a road trip movie of sorts, a modernized twist on vampire mythology which is part character study, part dark comedy, and part family drama, with some moody horror mixed in.
Well, that's a wrap. The Walking Dead helped usher in a golden era of horror television series, predating shows like American Horror Story, Stranger Things, and so many more, and it finally ends in November. Whatever one may think of the show, its cultural influence and popularity was undeniable, which is why The Walking Dead: The Making of the Final Season will be emotional and gripping for many people.
This comprehensive documentary special about the final season uses cast and crew interviews to not just highlight the 11th and last season of the show, but to retrospectively look back at its legacy and the choices which were made along the way. It will also give insight into the production process, especially those wonderful practical effects.
In addition to this documentary, there is also a weekly behind-the-scenes feature on AMC+, The Walking Dead: Episode Diaries, with new episodes out each Thursday until Nov. 24th. There is also the chat show Talking Dead, hosted by Chris Hardwicke, which will on Thursdays as well. Finally, be sure to check out the live series finale event, which will be simulcast on the AMC network and AMC+ on Sunday, Nov. 20th at 9pm EST.
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