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Unlike the halfway point of 2021, when nearly all of the best movies had premiered on the small screen, the mid-year top 10 list for 2022 contains only three films that didn’t at least have some kind of theatrical run in Athens.
The fact that seven movies released this year have already earned more than $100 million is a good indication that people have returned to theaters. The “Top Gun” sequel, which came out May 27, has already passed the half-billion mark.
Here’s a look at my picks for the best films of 2022 so far.
Fan service is part and parcel for Marvel Studios, but the big surprise in this fantasy action horror hybrid was just how many “Evil Dead” references director Sam Raimi managed to put in. Between the flying eyeballs and wisecracking zombies, it’s a wonder that no one ended up with a chainsaw hand. (Disney +)
White-knuckle filmmaking from French language director Audrey Diwan tells the story of a French college student (Anamaria Vartolomei) in 1963 who becomes pregnant right before finals and seeks to get an abortion. Those who are up to a harrowing, fast-paced period drama will find a powerful work of timely and relevant cinematic art. (Streaming rental)
Far less reliant on celebrity talking head commentary than expected, Judd Apatow’s two-part documentary has new interviews with Carlin’s surviving family to help dive into a personal side of the legendary comedian that diehard fans who’ve memorized all the albums will find revelatory and endearing. (HBO)
Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley stars as a trauma survivor who rents a 500-year-old house in a town populated by men who all have something unnerving and increasingly surreal in common. Featuring a generous helping of Cronenberg-level body horror, “Men” builds to an unforgettably shocking finale that is just as original as it is terrifying. (Streaming rental Aug. 9)
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Easily one of the greatest musicals ever done and one of the most important science fiction films of the 21st century, director Saul Williams’ Afrofuturist masterpiece deals with the uprising of a group of Rwandan coltan miners lead by a computer hacker (Bertrand Ninteretse). Come for the music and visuals — stay for the revolution. (Athens Ciné)
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Three hours can scarcely contain the near-exhausting amount of thrills, explosions, flying motorcycles and dance battles (!!!) that director S.S. Rajamouli packed into this tale of two indestructible heroes (Ram Charan and N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) who start off on opposing sides but eventually join forces for the ultimate experience in action filmmaking spectacle. (Netflix)
In what is looking to be the most underrated movie of the year, award-winning actor Regina Hall (“Support the Girls”) leads the cast of writer-director Mariama Diallo’s feature film debut about the first Black master of an elite university in New England who is at the center of a mystery involving a curse brought on by the spirit of an accused witch. (Prime Video)
The fact that this movie went directly to streaming while “Lightyear” opened on thousands of theater screens is proof that the House of Mouse doesn’t always understand the value of its properties. Director Domi Shee made history with this adolescent allegory that is sure to create positive discussion between parents and pre-teens. (Disney +)
With dialogue, characters and set pieces that manage to upstage the work of celebrated auteurs like Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson, this rowdy upstart horror picture turns fun and frightening on a dime with go-for-broke performances and a premise that would be plenty entertaining even without the heart-pounding chills. (Streaming rental)
Not only is this multiverse-jumping comedic fantasy the best movie of 2022 so far, it’s flat out one of the best movies ever made. Led by a legacy-defining performance by international superstar Michelle Yeoh, “Everything Everywhere” should be expected to win every film award if there is any sense left in this world. (Streaming rental)
OnlineAthens top 10 movies of 2021: The year we returned to theaters


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