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Best horror film Netflix 2022: The 10 best new release horror films on Netflix in 2022 – The Scotsman

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Here are the 10 most highly rated Netflix horror that come certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and are jam packed with jump scares to ensure you and your friends get a real scare.
We are just over 48 hours from away Halloween – and Netflix have been loading up their platform with a host of terrifying horror films that are guaranteed to make you jump out of your skin!
New horror films 2022: 10 of the best new releases on Netflix in October
While horror movies come in many different shapes and sizes, the adrenaline that comes with a jump scare is always unparalleled in the world of cinema.
Seen as one of the most effective and terrifying moments of a horror movie, the ‘jump scare’ has delighted and spooked audiences for decades. Many will attest that it is perhaps where horror sparks its magic the most.
Here are 10 of the best horror movies on Netflix that don’t rely on jump scares
However, if you’re wanting to ensure you and your household don’t waste time on a movie that doesn’t scare in the right way, using website Where’s The Jump?, we’ve put together a list of the scariest movies on Netflix UK this Halloween, using ‘jump scare per movie’ as our main metric.
Terrifier 2 release date UK, Is Terrifier 2 on Netflix, BluRay and DVD UK release date, is Terrifier 2 in UK cinema
Not only is it one of the best modern horrors around – it is also one of the jumpiest ever made with 24 jump scares throughout the movie – and a terrifying 10 of those jump scares classed a 'major' scares. Eek.
Photo: Blumhouse Productions
The Jason Voorhees remake is one of the jumpiest on Netflix with the slasher producing a walloping 23 jump scares – and two of them classed a major jump scares.
Photo: Brendon Thorne
Dubbed 'the scariest yet' on release, the third edition in the Paranormal Activity franchise offers up a total of 20 jump scares, with three of them described as major jumps.
Photo: Blumhouse Productions
New decade. New rules. New Ghostface. Same good, old fashioned slasher with plenty of jump scares – 18 in total.
Photo: Larry Busacca
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