Best films coming to cinema and streaming this week in August 2022 – HELLO!

There are plenty of thrills and chills to entertain you during the hot days this week, including a new sci-fi blockbuster starring Daniel Kaluuya and an action-packed prequel to an 80s classic. Happy viewing!
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Category: Thriller
From the team that made Get Out and Us such unforgettably creepy hits come this even more bizarre tale starring Britain’s own Daniel Kaluuya. He plays Otis, an animal trainer who’s noticed some seriously weird goings on in the sky over his ranch. Steven Yeun, meanwhile, plays a neighbour (and former child star) who’s spotted the same unidentified flying object and is hoping to make some money from it. What follows is a sharp and sophisticated sci-fi thriller with plenty to say about our love of spectacle and rubbernecking, featuring a scene-stealing supporting role for Hustlers star Keke Palmer. An instant, eerie classic you’ll want to watch more than once.
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Category: Documentary
The iconic pop-star was co-directing and editing this documentary himself, right up to his death over Christmas 2016 and although it covers his whole career it’s mainly focused on his second album – Listen Without Prejudice – and the battles he fought with label bosses at the time. The result saw George leave the spotlight, fall in love, and discover who he really was. The music, of course, is great – as are the interviewees (Elton John, Liam Gallagher, Stevie Wonder). But it’s as a deeply personal insight into George’s troubled life that this really hits home.

Category: Drama
One of the most honest and funny films of the year sees Emma Thompson as Nancy, a sixty something teacher who’s nervous and insecure about her love life following the death of her husband. Enter Leo (Daryl McCormack) – a charming, dashing male escort who she hired to help her come out of her shell. An incredibly moving and often very funny story of a woman search for intimacy with a pitch perfect turn from Emma Thompson, making even the most awkward moments (of which there are many!) absolutely mesmerising.

Category: Horror
This hit chiller set in late 70s Colorado stars Ethan Hawke as a kidnapper, known locally as The Grabber – a creepy, mask-wearing oddball who drives around in a black van. But The Grabber meets his match in a brother and sister who seem to have psychic powers. If it feels a bit like a Stephen King story (think Stand By Me or It) that might be because The Black Phone is based on story by King’s son, Joe. And whilst it’s not as gripping a film as many of the horror maestro’s adaptations, Hawke is still creepy enough to make this a solid thriller.

Category: Action
Jamie Foxx is the unlikely vampire hunter Bud in this comedy thriller from the filmmakers behind John Wick. Whilst Bud’s front might be working as a pool cleaner, he actually makes his money from battling bloodsuckers. But how do you balance tackling California’s undead with also having an eight-year-old daughter who needs looking after? An action-packed, big-budget Netflix original that also star Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg.
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Category: Thriller
This gutsy prequel to the action classic Predator revolves around Naru, an expert 18th-century Comanche warrior, protecting her people from a highly advanced alien who hunts humans for sport. Fresh, ferocious and feeling admirably open-minded, this is significantly better than the many other Predator spin-offs and features a star-making turn from 25-year-old Amber Midthunder.

Category: Sci-Fi
Want to experience one of the biggest flops of all time?! Easily losing $100 million dollars since its release earlier this year, Moonfall is still fun if you’re a fan of enjoyably cheesy disaster movies (this comes from the same team behind Independence Day and White House Down). It follows two former astronauts plus a conspiracy theorist who discover the hidden truth about Earth’s moon when it unexpectedly leaves its orbit. Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson star.

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