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Wit Studio proved its worth again in Bubble movie

Fans are loving the new anime movie, Bubble for its amazing animation and great story. So if you are wondering about the other movies by the studio, here’s the list of the best anime films by Wit Studio so far.

Netflix’s new animated movie by Wit Studio, Bubble is internationally out. Fans from around the world had a mixed reaction to the movie. While some fans found the movie to be a complete package, some argued over its slow and mid storyline. But one thing that every fan admired about the movie was its impeccable animation. Although we are already familiar with the jaw-dropping animation of Wit Studio, most of us would not have watched the movies it has worked on. So if you’re an anime fan and want to watch more movies by Wit Studio, then here’s the list of the best ones.

Directed by Ryoutarou Makihara, The Empire Of Corpses is a 2015 science fiction adventure movie. This movie is a part of a series of films based on the novels written by Satoshi Itoh. Despite being made in 2015, this movie’s animation can compete with that of the anime films of the current time.

In the 19th century, humans have developed science to the point where they can use the dead as labourers. But despite being able to move and work, these corpses miss the main element of a human body, which is the soul. Dr. Watson, a medical student is doing illegal research on the soul of the dead, for which he has to search for the notes of Victor Frankenstein. These notes carry the secret of the only corpse attached to the soul.

The TV series, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is one of the best works by Wit Studio, and this movie is its sequel. If you loved watching Attack On Titan, then you would love the concept of this movie as well. The existence of the unnatural beings called the Kabane, brutal killings, unexpected twists, and there’s a lot to this movie that resembles Attack On Titan.

A mysterious virus spreads at the time of the industrial revolution, consequently transforming humans into Kabane. While testing an anti-Kabane weapon, Ikomi gets infected and turns into a human Kabane hybrid. The movie, Unato Deceisice Battle takes the story six months into the future from where the TV series was left. The team joins an alliance to take back the Utano castle, but things don’t work out as planned.

Even though the term “anime” might be new to some people, everyone knows about Pokemon. That’s the popularity of the franchise. This movie is the follow-up story to the 2017 film, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You. As one would expect from Wit Studio, the movie has a level of animation that one could not complain about. As a result, it set a landmark after its release in 2018.

Every year, Pokemon Lugia blesses Fula City with its wind which keeps the city running for the whole year. Ash and Pikachu arrive in the city and meet new friends. But as expected, team Rocket won’t allow anything to happen smoothly, and they plan to disturb the annual wind festival. Ash along with his new friends shows the courage to save the city from team Rocket.

Based on the manga written by Karakara-Kemuri, Laughing Under The Clouds Gaiden is a series of three movies made by Wit Studio. There’s also a 12-episode anime TV series of the same name made by Doga Kobo studio. Intense action scenes, supernatural happenings, spectacular animation, and everything is worth spending your time on the movie series.

Due to the Meiji Restoration, Japan is in a state of havoc and the number of criminals increases extensively. In order to restore the peace in the country, the government builds a great prison to keep all the criminals in one place. But as it’s not easy to transport these criminals to the prison, the Kumo brothers take this responsibility.

Hal is the first movie project by Wit Studio. If you liked the Bubble movie, then Hal should definitely be the next anime film you should watch. This science fiction and romance movie was released in 2013 and was highly appreciated by anime fans.

The technological advancement has increased to the point where the robots can behave just like humans. A guy named Hal gets killed in the tragic plane incident which traumatizes his girlfriend. So in order to help her move on in life, a robot named Q01 helps her. But the robot finds it difficult to understand Hal’s past and the meaning of being alive.
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