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August is bringing some of the most long-awaited anime movies.

July was an incredible month for anime fans because of shows like Rent-A-Girlfriend, Overlord, and Classroom of the Elite. Most of these anime shows are still running, but fans are looking forward to getting more amazing TV shows. Here are the best anime projects releasing in August that you should add to your list while enjoying the ongoing series.

Compared to July, the month of August is getting fewer anime shows and movies. However, everything that’s coming out promises a great experience for the fans. Some of the releases are fresh anime adaptations, so we would be exploring completely new stories and characters.

Toei Animation announced One Piece Film: Red back in November 2021 to celebrate the anime’s 1000th episode. Since then, the hype for the anime movie has grown immensely, and after a long wait, we are finally close to its theatrical release.

The story of the film will focus on Uta, the most artistic singer in the world. Uta holds a concert where she decides to reveal herself to the public for the first time. Fans from around the world, including pirates like Straw Hats, visit the concert to hear Uta’s soothing voice. However, things take an unexpected turn when everyone learns that Uta is Shanks’ daughter.

Release Date: August 6th, 2022

Kakegurui Twin is a sequel to the 2017 Kakegurui anime series, and it is a perfect treat for people who love storylines with calculations, predictions, and mathematics.

The Kakegurui Twin anime is licensed by Netflix, and the legendary Studio Mappa has worked on its animation. The story will revolve around Mary Saotome, a transfer student who joins Hyakkaou Private Academy and learns about the academy’s indulgence in some illegitimate activities. Soon, the teenager develops a passion for gambling and gains recognition for her extraordinary intellect.

Release Date: August 4th, 2022

Gundam series and movies are based on the mecha and science-fiction world created by Tamon Ota. The legendary franchise is currently focusing on its five-part movie series that started in 2019. The fourth film of the series came out in July 2022, and the community loved its entirely new story material. Now, every Gundam fan is looking forward to watching the fifth part.

The fifth and final part of the Gundam film series is directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, and Studio Sunrise has worked on its animation.

Release Date: August 5th, 2022

Spy X Family was undoubtedly one of the biggest and finest shows of 2022. After WIT Studio concluded the first part of the anime, fans started showing a liking for the espionage anime series. Well, if you also had a great time watching Spy X Family, get ready for Fuuto Pi, another popular anime series focusing on spies.

Fuuto PI takes place in the fictional city of Fuuto, a beautiful and happy town that is currently going through an unfortunate time. Shotaro Hidari works on various cases with his partner Philip to maintain peace in the city. The occurrence of monsters known as Dopants makes the show’s story even more exciting.

Release Date: August 1st, 2022

Nights With A Cat is an upcoming comedy anime series that features a simple and lighthearted storyline. It’s quite amusing that the anime adaptation of Nights With a Cat was confirmed in April this year, and it’s coming out less than four months after the announcement.

The story of the Nights with a Cat is pretty straightforward. After Fuuta returns home at night, all he wants to do is play with his cute little cat. The creators assure that the natural behavior of cats has been carefully reflected in the series. Studio Puyukai – which specializes in chibi-style anime – has animated the upcoming show. So, it would be exciting to see what the animation studio has in store for us this time.

Release Date: August 4th, 2022

It seems like August will be a fantastic month for anime movies. In addition to One Piece Film: Red, Toei Animation is also releasing Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero this month on the big screen. The film originally aired in July for Japanese fans, but now, it’s time for the international audience to relish the movie.

The upcoming film will bring back the Red Ribbon army that once tasted defeat at the hands of Goku. But this time, the army is stronger with two powerful Androids by its side. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will feature Goku, Vegeta, and Broly, but it will mainly focus on the story of Piccolo and Gohan.

Release Date: August 18th, 2022

Tsurune is a popular anime franchise that got a 13-episode anime series in October 2018. Well, the Hajimari no Issha movie is set in the same world, and most of the cast members from the series are reprising their roles in the film.

The anime film will follow the life of Minato Narumiya, a new student at Kazemai High School. Soon, Mr. Tommy, the advisor of the Japanese archery club, approaches Minato and asks him and his friends to join the club. Due to Minato’s experience in archery, Mr. Tommy asks him to demonstrate his skills. However, Minato’s journey becomes difficult because of a “dysfunction regarding archery.”

Release Date: August 19th, 2022
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