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The 2022-2023 awards season is officially off to the races, and we are back with our Awards Leaderboard because we live for the season’s drama. We will be here all the way up until Oscar night, breaking down the winners and losers of the season. This year we are in store for another long journey ending March 12th, 2023, and while some are already calling many of the contests over, loud protestations from other corners scream, “We just got started!” (We sit firmly in the latter category, if you were wondering.)
Kicking off the year and the peak of the season, last night’s Golden Globes Ceremony gave us much to ponder about the upcoming landscape. Check our full list of winners and a recap of the biggest moments for more on that. Though we went into the night with many questions on our minds, one thing we can say for sure is the Golden Globes were indeed back, and the stars came out. With the Producer (PGA), Director’s (DGA), and Actor’s guild nominations coming quickly this morning, be sure to check back here as we update you on more winners throughout the season. Wither way each week to keep you updated no matter who gets snubbed or surprised. So bookmark this page, and keep checking back.
Read on to find out where your favorite movies stand, and let us know what you think in the comments. 

The Whale (2022) 66%

9 wins

  • NYFCO: Best Supporting Actress
  • LVFCS: Best Actor
  • BFCC: Best Actor
  • BFCC: Best Adapted Screenplay (tie)
  • PFCC: Best Actor
  • StLFCA: Best Actor
  • CACF: Best Actor
  • CACF: Best Make-up Hair Styling
  • CCA: Best Actor

Fire of Love (2022) 98%

8 wins

  • AFCC: Best Documentary
  • BFCC: Best Documentary
  • PCCP: Best Documentary
  • SEFCA: Best Documentary
  • CEH: Outstanding Editing
  • CEH: Outstanding Original Score
  • CEH: Outstanding Visual Design
  • GTA: Best Documentaries 2022

The Woman King (2022) 94%

7 wins

  • AFI: Top Film
  • BFCC: Best Film
  • BFCC: Best Director
  • BFCC: Best Ensemble
  • IFJA: Best Stunts
  • AAFCA: Best Picture
  • AAFCA: Best Director

Till (2022) 98%

6 wins

  • GOTHAM:  Best Actress
  • NBR: Best Debut Performance
  • BFCC: Best Actress
  • AFCA: Impact Award
  • AFCA: Best Actress
  • AFCA: Emerging Face

The Batman (2022) 85%

5 wins

  •  AFCC: Best Score
  • WAFCA Best Score
  • IFJA: Best Score
  • CACF: Best Score
    Best Comic Book Movies 2022

Turning Red (2022) 95%

4 wins

  • BSFC: Best Animated Film
  • FFC: Best Animated Film
  • FFC: Best Animated Film
  • TFCA: Best Animated Film

Blue Jean (2022) 94%

3 wins

  • BIFA: Best Lead Perfomance
  • BIFA: Best Supporting Performance
  • BIFA: Best Casting

CEH: Spotlight

GTA: Best Horror Movies 2022

GTA: Best Kids & Family Movies 2022

GTA: Best Romance Movies Movies 2022

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